Korean Buckwheat Noodles

After watching Noodle Road, we're interested in cooking soba noodles, amongst the different other varieties.

Does anyone know the percentage of buckwheat in the Korean buckwheat noodles sold in Australia? They usually only list wheat, buckwheat, … on the packaging.

An example is Sukina brand sold as Japanese Vermicelli.



    Try google. I was interested and found heaps of info. On how to make.

    In terms of percentage no manufacturer will tell you but it is made with love.

    I suggest you try varying amounts of buckwheat until you get it like the shops.

    If you still can't get it right you will have to add the love juice in as well.

    Good luck experimenting




    It's terrible the way Australian brands such as Hakubuku advertise their product as Japanese Soba with a prominent 98% on the package. The 98% is actually fat free in small print and the main ingredient is wheat flour and only a small part of buckwheat flour. The Japanese would cringe at this.


    recommend you go to the korean suprmarkets, they have them seperately avaliable if u ask, non packaged.
    not sure where you live but in sydney you should go to strathfield and ask there.