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Universal Remote Control $1.99 Free Shipping!


Hey guys Focal price recently reduced the price of this item by 30 cents and its now $1.99 with Free Shipping.
I have 3 of these remotes and they can be used almost any tv, Ive never found a tv it doesn't work with including shopping center TV's hehe

  • Compatible with most of worldwide brands TV sets
    • This remote control can change the channels up or down, turn the volume up - down and the AV/TV On and Off.
  • Remote Control Distance: Approx 8m (varies with electrical appliance models).
  • Mini size design with the keychain for easy carrying.
  • Have fun controlling the AV/TV at friend's place, at a bar or other public places.
  • Mini Remote Control Keychain of Universal AV/TV is a wonderful fun gift anytime.
  • Color of the press key may come in different
  • LED working light indicator.
  • Power: 3V CR2025 (Installed).

It's a great deal especially if your used to losing the remote :)

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    wow! 30 cents saving!! I can almost buy a softserve cone from Maccas!!! LOL

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    I've used things like this, they're great fun for frustrating friends and people watching stuff at pubs.
    I did it once during the last world cup.. the verbal abuse launched at the bar staff swayed me against doing it to soccer fans again.

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      would love to have done this during our Religious Education lectures at school…

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    FYI. Zazz was selling these about a month ago for around $10.

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    Just bought 5 :) At $2 a pop, very very handy to have…

  • Note to OP, it's USD$2 :)

  • Thankyou I just bought. Might wear it on a necklace when I'm at home lol.

  • Wow. Gotta get one of these.

  • It doesnt work on STB's does it …

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    Not much of a difference but a quick search on ebay found someone selling the same item for AUD$1.87 delivered.

  • That ebay seller 'sinedya' has a direct website that is normally cheaper. Like DX but less expensive and better service IMO (has a smaller range however, and the reviews are suss)
    Here is the page for the remotes - USD1.78 delivered is dearer direct than they sell on eBay, but I guess they use loss-leaders on ebay to get new leads.

  • grrr i ordered something off focalprice before, yes a kids watch, i remember, never was delivered…

  • i got 1 but it doesn't work and they having excuses not to give me an exchange / refund :( and keep trying to get me to take a photo of the remote control and upload it to send it to them via their email but the website is stuffed up

    • The website is all good now.

  • I bought this exact one off eBay a fair while ago, great fun to use on Cafe and Department store TV's until the novelty wears off.

    Unfortunately, these remotes are almost bound to break within the first month. Don't go replacing your Harmony just yet…

  • Do they have little keychain universal remotes that can work on my car? I don't like the remote for my car central locking, the buttons are really stiff. Obviously it would need to be one that can learn the signal. I will try my logitech harmony remote, just for curiosity, but that's obviously not practical Lol.

    • are you serious?

  • Anyone know where to get some cheap RF remotes?

    Something like this:

    But something that is more of a bargain.

    edit: exactly what the guy above me is asking, more or less.

  • I bought one dew months ago and it does not work. I got my refund because I don't want to wait…I don't know whether the product is good or not…

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