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Get an Extra 20% off Samsonite Spin Trunk Luggage @ Luggage Gear with Free Delivery: 55cm $159.60, 66cm $199.60, 75cm $239.60


up to 20% extra discount gets applied to reduce the price to 60% off retail

LuggageGear Runnout Stock is clearing some stock at 20% off including Samsonite.
You need to use the provided code at the check out to apply the further discount to reflect 60% off the retail price.

If you search for the term '>runnout' it lists all the products the code will reduce.

Samsonite Spin Trunk being the stand out but there are cases from $74 (Caterpillar 55cm).
New stock listed as its categorised as 'runnout'. Keep a close eye.

*While stocks last only

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  • +2 votes

    The coupon code only gives me 20% off the Samsonite Spin Trunk.

  • -1 vote

    It gives you 60% off the retail price… ill update offer if it wasnt clear

  • +3 votes

    60% off initialily… now 20% off…? Click-bait?

  • -1 vote

    moderator changed due to first comment i guess. code DOES recalculate to 60% off retail for all selected products in the runnout

    • +3 votes

      Yeah, but just because you're offering a discount that results in it being 60% off the RRP, doesn't mean the discount is 60%. No one sells luggage at RRP anyway. Major stores always have huge discount sales on.

      • -1 vote

        Different priced products will be cleared and the common denominator is the code makes them all 60% off retail.
        All discounting in stores are ticketed as a % off retail.
        Paklite luggage has just been added that is normally listed at 45% off… but will recalculate to 60% off with the code.
        Anyway, up to you if you use the offer or not. I appreciate the feedback.

        • -1 vote

          Anyway, up to you if you use the offer or not.

          That is not the best attitude towards your fellow members of OzBargain. Member ViciousPotato is a prospective customer who tried using your code.

  • +3 votes

    You can price beat by 10% at Bagworld which brings the Samsonite 55cm Spin Trunk down to $143.64

  • +1 vote

    Really good price on the Spin Trunk since been waiting for a decent sale on them. Just picked up the 75cm. Wished more hardshell cases had this design instead of that 50/50 split.

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