Recommendation on a Travel Agent in VIC?

Hi guys…Love this site, so thought I'd see if someone could recommend a Travel agent (I'm in VIC in the South East, so ideally out that way)?

I have walked into two different Flight centre stores (seemed a logical starting point) and after taking details of what I'm looking for neither has gotten back to me after 2-3 weeks despite indicating otherwise. I followed up with one who still didn't get back to me, though I'm not interested in chasing someone as rapport is important to work together.

I'm planning a Europe trip with my Dad and going to do most of it ourselves (no tour as such) with a potential land tour through Italy. Being a member here a great deal is important (and seeing the airfare deals), though really just some guidance as I find the research a little overwhelming.

Cheers for any guidance or pointers! :)


  • Forget the travel agent and plan/book your own accommodation, flights etc?
    If you want some help from the community, perhaps post some particulars including where you are wanting to visit, when and approximate budget.

    • Good advice, but bear in mind that you can do the groundwork then go to Flight Centre & get them to price beat & do the bookings for you…best of both worlds IMHO.

      The funny part is, quite often when I get to FC they get the same bookings cheaper for the same routes/dates anyway…I probably only end up invoking the price beat 20-25% of the time! ;)

    • I would bet that the OzBargain community can help out more than a travel agent, and you'll save money too.

      If you have a quote from a travel agent, one or more OzBargainer's will most likely be able to find a way to get it cheaper for you.

      At times when I have used travel agents to book things, I have been a bit disappointed and feel it's just easier and better to book things myself.

  • If you're a student: studentflights or sta travel is good, other than that flight centre is usually okay

  • Cheers, I'm thinking I'll research myself and get a route that flows first.

    Rough agenda is to leave in May 17 before peak season starts. Not sure if leaving later in May will mean the return flight is higher. Also when you see deals for a destination return whether you can secure similar pricing for different locations or worth securing the same fly in/out and fly back there when done.

    Budget is tough to gauge as it is my first time over and looking to stay more central in something nice though reasonably priced. (Perhaps mid-low)

    Duration is 4 weeks over there with travel to and from on top, perhaps a stopover in Singapore depending on airline as Dad would struggle without a recharge and overnighter and a couple of days in another country would be great.

    Main places are London with rail to Paris (or vice versa), Barcelona (all for a few nights each), Italy to tour around for around 10 days or so (not sure whether to tag onto a tour or hire a car/commute ourselves, Croatia and Greece/Greek Islands with a ferry around. Thinking perhaps start or finish in London might be ideal and open to the other airport.

    That's about as much as I can divulge at this stage, appreciate the comments.