Insurance advice? Thinking about purchasing second car.

Hi everyone,

I am doing mongol rally next year. Looking forward to it. Thing is…I have been driving an automatic the whole time.

Now I'm thinking of buying a manual car to practice. I know the basic how to use the stick.
But not confident to do reverse parking on hills or hill start or quick changing gears.

What car do you think I should get to master manual and be confident at it(Was looking at a Mx-5; I kind of want to own one hehehehe, but I don't have to).
Perhaps go drifting lessons later when I'm confident hahahaha.

Another thing is what do I need to do with my insurance ? I already have a car, I do not want to sell it just to get the second car to learn manual.
What do you guys think I should do ? Does anyone have experience this before and reckon what I should do ?


  • If you're looking at a used car, I don't think it's easy to say what car you should/shouldn't buy for the clutch/gearbox. Clutch could've been replaced/upgraded, and would actually be hard to use.

    But the car you want, and test a few, make sure none have a sports clutch or something

    How much are you looking to spend?

  • As above, pick a car you want, then find one that fits your budget and expectations (wear, damage etc). MX5 sounds like fun, but any manual car will probably do, and there are hundreds of models to choose from. Your budget will help determine what to buy. You could get a perfectly usable car for $1k. A bought a very reliable basic manual Corolla for $1500 a few years ago, if it broke I would have bought another similar value car at the time.

    You will need insurance of some sort. Our second car only had Third Party Property insurance because it was of low value (cost $8k). I figured if I was at fault in a crash (unlikely) that the insurance would cover damage to someone else's property and I'd either wear the loss, or fix it on the cheap myself. I save a fair bit in premiums doing this. The big one with that is that if you write off your car in an at fault crash you are left with scrap value. Now I've stepped up to a more valuable second car I've gone to full comprehensive insurance - I'm not risking $17k.

  • do you have a licence for a manual car?

    • This is the first thing to check. OP, there's no point buying a manual car if you aren't licenced to drive it. From your comment about knowing the basics of using the gear stick only, I'm guessing your licence is for automatic cars only.

  • I think you should just make a decision and stop outsourcing it to others. It's your money and your life so just make a decision and live life.

  • there is no car that is going to suit your purpose!
    here is a cost effective path….
    1. buy a $500 cheapie and thrash the box out of it, an old 4 speed corolla may suit….
    2. buy or modify something that can take the punishment, then break it! prolly get away with that for 8K….
    3. Buy the MX, break it not so badly a few times finding it's and your limit…

    the last thing you want to do is start blowing driveline and powerlines in a nice car, that would be way exy…

    Did you know your race number nominates the position you are intending to finsh on?
    ie 01, obviously first…59 fifth to ninth and so on….
    What is your race number going to be?

  • If you don't know anyone with a manual car to practice on, best to get at least one lesson with a driving instructor.

    Once you can take off smoothly i.e. figure out the friction point, it's all easy from then.

  • Think what would takumi do?

    I would of bought a cheap car I liked and didn't mind driving around.

    Get something light if you are scared of hills. Learn till you don't roll back from brakes. You shouldn't need the handbrake method to go.

    Updated clutches tend to be heavier in the pedal and sticky. They bite hard at the friction point and easier to stall. Long gear ratios are more forgiving in shifting

  • +1

    ?? Odd question.. but to keep it simple.. if you own any car DO have it insured, at least TPP.
    How many you own is of no relevance except for the cost. Yes, it does cost to own multiple cars.

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    no need to jump in and buy… surely a rental car for a day will get you comfortable with gear changing.
    may need to go to your local ute rental place as I suspect the bigger rental names may only have autos.

    find a competent friend who can give you some pointers on manuals.

    also, in the meantime, try driving your auto like a manual - no it's not the same, but you'll get an idea for listening to engine revs and doing something with your left hand.

  • When I started driving (Manuals) I found the Disels to be easier due to the high torque at lower RPM.

  • Playstation and Logitech steering wheel :).

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