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Dettol Hand Wash Refill 950ml for $4 (Half Price) at Coles


Noticed coles had these at half price this week. I believe these only go on for half price once or maximum twice a year so definitely deserves a deal on its own as this is the cheapest you can buy dettol hand wash refill for. If you use Dettol hand wash then i will suggest you to stock up as they probably won't be this cheap again for at least 6 months.

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  • I normallybuy the coles generic one which is jjust as good and still cheape .

    • I have tried those but I dont like them. I buy these or Palmolive one which go on special quite frequently but i prefer Dettol. Edit just checked the price on coles hand wash which works out to be about 3.60 per litre and Palmolive ones can definitely be had for cheaper for $3.5 for a litre bottle when they are on special

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    Dumping it before it's banned?

    It's almost impossible to buy hand wash that isn't anti-bacterial!

    • Do you mean we are going to follow the US bans on anti-bacterial hand wash?

    • Maybe, they're starting to ban this sort of snake oil in the US.

    • this particular one is not on the banned list yet

      • Agreed, Dettol was found not to have any of the USFDA banned substances.

        What I find deplorable is how we are so slowly banning the use of those microplastic balls microbeads used in exfoliating products.

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          I agree with you on the micro beads. Get rid of them already.

          However, I am pretty sure that ALL so-called anti-bacterial products are being banned. Overuse is leading to increased antibiotic resistance. For this not to be banned (eventually) would mean that it is not "anti-bacterial".

        • @seb:

          Yeah 99.9% of antibacterial products are a load of unnecessary horsesh**t that people are lapping up (see what I did there). The result is a whole generation with all sorts of allergies and immune related illnesses.

        • @seb: >Overuse is leading to increased antibiotic resistance.

          I think you're confusing anti-bacterial hand wash with antibiotics.

        • @Diji1:

          no not really. Antibiotics is also an issue but the overuse of antibacterial stuff is creating a generation of children with poor immune systems. Hence allergies and all sorts of other issues down the track.

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          @Diji1: These products make our immune system lazy. When a toddler shoves a handful of soil in their mouth or something equally filthy, it's a necessary part of building up their immune system.

          And for your reading pleasure and further education…

          "Unlike these traditional cleaners (soap), antibacterial products leave surface residues, creating conditions that may foster the development of resistant bacteria, Levy notes. For example, after spraying and wiping an antibacterial cleaner over a kitchen counter, active chemicals linger behind and continue to kill bacteria, but not necessarily all of them.

          When a bacterial population is placed under a stressor—such as an antibacterial chemical—a small subpopulation armed with special defense mechanisms can develop. These lineages survive and reproduce as their weaker relatives perish. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" is the governing maxim here, as antibacterial chemicals select for bacteria that endure their presence."


        • @Chateau: this is exactly why new kids are sissies and why we all missed out on having peanuts in sundaes!

          Freaking newbie new gen sissy kids and their new found allergies

  • Good price. If you're into buying pointless products.

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    Together we can make superbugs.

  • Why do we need stuff like that, has plain soap vanished?

  • Is it fair to down vote on the basis of the product being bad for humanity and pandering to people's ignorance and falsely placed concern for themselves?

  • Interesting that some people want micro beads banned and are surprised that outside use them, but then are happy to vote for this product which is also a bad product.

  • Interesting that some people want micro beads banned and are surprised that people use them, but then are happy to vote for this product which is also terrible.

  • So what's a better alternative to a bar of soap?