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K6000 2.4" HD 1080P Vehicle Blackbox DVR $11.89 US, 8 Colors Motion Activated Sensor Toilet Nightlight $5.99 US @TinyDeal


K6000 2.4" HD 1080P Vehicle Blackbox DVR for $11.89 US (~$16 AU)

Product features:

Image Sensor: 5.0 MP CMOS
LED Night Vision Support: 2 infrared LEDs
Portable Features: 1080P, 720P, Motion Detection, G-Sensor, Cycle Recording
Sound Recording: Yes
MPEG-4 Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080, 640 x 480, 720 x 480
Wide Angle: 120 Degree
Storage Card Slot TF card Maximum Storage Support: 32GB
TV Out Support: Yes
Languages: Russian, Spanish, German, French, English, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese

8 Colors Motion Activated Sensor Toilet Nightlight for $5.99 US (~$8 AU)

Product features:

Fits any toilet! Flexible rod can take the shape of any type toilet and stay in place.
Personalized Settings! Sets to color-rotate or single-color
Easy to clean. Safety to use.

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  • The price tells me avoid but being in the market I'm open to opinions!

    • From Dashboard Camera Reviews

      Tthis is a cheap camera that does an acceptable job if you are okay with the poor night video quality. It does have its flaws though and can no longer be considered state-of-the-art in 2014. If you are looking for an affordable dash cam, we recommend you consider the G1W or one of its variants. They don’t cost a whole lot more but are much more reliable than the K6000.

      • G1W is my pick too, very good quality night and day, for not very much money. The sort you could justify buying two, one for the windscreen and one for the rear glass.

        • Where would you recommend to get one from and what's a good price point for these?

        • @cheepo:

          The G1W-CB goes on sale from about 45-55AUD delivered. Everbuying and Gearbest have advertised on here before, and there's been plenty of happy customers.

          I'm not sure on the G1W-C model (the CB model has a black ring rather than the silver ring of the C model).

          The -H model has a battery. Capacitor model is better for hot states, like QLD. I had a mini 0801 die on a four hour drive to the Gold Coast. :(

          EDIT: Checked my history, I paid 55AUD earlier this year for a -CB, and 50AUD for a -H model mid last year. Fortunately I had a voucher for the -H model so only paid $25 (yay eBay :V), but I was unfortunately pushed for time with the -CB so didn't get the best possible price.

        • @kwchaz:

          Thanks for taking the effort for going into detail. Ill look into G1W-CB then. Certainly helpful for somebody like me whose only started looking into getting one and have no idea where to start and not wanting to spend much.

          I'm generally knowledgeable on tech but never paid much attention on on previous deals until I started taking notice on how uncivilised the roads of Melbourne are becoming.

          Or I could be just getting more conservative with age!

        • @cheepo:

          how uncivilised the roads of Melbourne are becoming.

          Amen to that. My motivation too.

        • @kwchaz: I paid last month $43.82 AUD = $31.99 USD for a G1W-CB

        • @AMLagonda:

          Pretty much lol… if you can wait, you can get a great price. If you can't, you pay through the nose.

    • I put this in the 'kids toy camera you can get at target' pile

    • I would pay another $20-30 to get the g1w-c. Guaranteed best bang for the buck

      • 3-4 times the price, according to the quoted review the GW1 "don't cost a whole lot more". I don't think I would agree with that statement with current prices

  • No deal. Both items can be bought cheaper from multiple reputable sellers on eBay.
    K6000 from uksolarseller @ AU$11.68 (feedback score=252574, 99% positive)
    K6000 from boeyk.boeyk @ AU$11.73 (feedback score=11153, 98% positive)

    Motion Sensor Night Light from nix.sun @ AU$5.19 (feedback score= 5957, 99.2% positive)
    Motion Sensor Night Light from ur5store @ AU$5.19 (feedback score=14752, 99.3% positive)
    Motion Sensor Night Light from topofking @ AU$5.56 (feedback score=56929, 99.4% positive)

  • +2 votes

    That dunny light is a bit shitty, I wouldn't say it was number one or number two

  • I'm so confused. Why would you install a dashcam on your toilet?
    To record "accidents"?

  • There is a helpful and slightly amusing tech review on the toilet light by BigClive at this link:

    Might be slightly different model (ex-Banggood) but it appears the same at first glance

  • Got one of these. Quality is average but considering the price that's acceptable. Better spend few more $$$ and get A118 if you can.