Just putting it out their

But I have had serious user issues :-

-Attempt to update payment details but Paypal will simply ignore your request and debit your confirmed bank account regardless (causing overdrawn fees)
- Ignoring email communication
- Attempted phone calls but inexperienced and intentionally benign customer service.
- Even the phone dialer hangs up on you.

I'm not in denial and I know they own the monopoly on eBay and certain secure payment methods. But any ideas?

Has PayPal reached the end of its possible product life cycle as a global bank / customer assurance company, plus I think AliBaba has more upside for cheapish products.

Any ideas ?

BTW company and market research companies your idea are not welcome F/O

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  • …wot?

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    I'm a simple guy, I see WORDS IN CAPITALS and I refuse to take you seriously as a mature adult.

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    Every time Elon Musk announces hyper trains and Mars missions I thought about Paypal taking three months to fix IOS javascript errors to withdraw money and also unreported outages that a support person admitted to me was being hushed. Elon, nail the basics first.

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      Elon hasn't any involvement in PayPal since he sold it off in 2002.

    • Have a read of this blog on Elon Musk (long but worth it) The guy is an absolute legend.

    • When the Tesla driverless technologies were first being introduced, I was seriously surprised at which sensors they thought existed that could be failproof in varying conditions and potentially being not maintained or calibrated by users after years. I have a keen interest in exisiting and emerging sensors, and understandably, pretty much all sensors are susceptible to the elements, maintenance, damage, vandalism, electronic mischief and subject to false readings. The recent Tesla car/truck accident where the self driving Tesla failed to tell the difference between the pale side of a truck and the horizon strengthened my view. Tesla is pushing driverless technologies too fast based on Elon's ego and using highways for experiments.

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    someone is sad

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    Even the phone dialer hangs up on you

    Damn, even the phone dialer doesn't want to speak to you?

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    Why are you writing PayPal and PAY-PAL in the same sentence?

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    I honestly can't say I've ever had a problem with them. Besides the fact they use my bank account as my primary funding source and I have to change it to my CC every time I buy something, but that's only a minor annoyance.

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    Most of us use Paypal regularly without any issues. Maybe link a credit card? I have no issues doing that and changing the card I have linked.

    • yeah i did they this a number of times and it would recognize the card but then auto debit bank account. just a strange system idiosyncrasy. But yeah you have no problems with paypal until you have a problem and then all communication channels are unusable. But just my experience ive had a number of times

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        Just close your account and open a new account. Start fresh..

      • Been using it linked to my cards for years, I've never had it take funds from any account other than what I've chosen. Maybe I'm just lucky.

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        I too also had issues with Paypal trying to continue to deduct funds from an expired Debit card.

        I put a new Credit card account but every payment I make, I have to manually select the Credit Card option otherwise it will try to use Debit, and failling that, it'll try to withdraw from my bank account instead (which takes several days to complete).

        After asking Paypal, they told me the only way to fix it was to remove my bank account details and become an unverified user. WTF.

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          takes 2 days for money to transfer to top 4 bank account, if that.
          you need to remove the expiried card and add the new one…….

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    Dont know what u r bitching about !!

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