Is It Worth Buying Non-Upgradable Chinese HikVision CCTV System?


Looking for budget outdoor CCTV system. Any advice on if it is worth buying chinese version of Hikvision? Thanks

Please also suggest where did you but yours?



    I bought few CCTV as budget CCTV 720P for less than $70 and none of provide update version and still going strong for 2 years


    i m in process of buying too

    so what does the upgrade bring with it AFAIK if it records the video in clear resolution and does the job of what it is meant for what more features are compelling to upgrade to a newer version, is it better to stay with non updated and reap the 2 best features for what a cctv is meant ??


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    got a hikvision non upgrade-able that has wifi recently. records good onto internal card. wifi works for about a month or two without needing a power cycle to become responsive again and my network wifi may have some bandwidth issues with a full hd steam. wifi is handy for quick and easy positioning and previewing of camera field of view tho. So atm i plan on hard-wiring with ethernet. Initial test shows connectivity good but have not tried long term on ethernet. i have issues with slow playback on my phone and web connection and the only way to get good playback with a functioning fast forward is to record using their PCNVR software instead of their client software/stream server/storage server solution. i found that harder to set up. I do not have a dedicated NVR. bought from ebay.

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