What Electric/Gas Company Are You with?

Hello OzBargainers,

We've bought our first house and moving in in a few weeks and need to organize the utilities. Are the companies all the same or are there special offers for different companies?

Our situation:
- South-East Melbourne
- 3 bedroom / 1 bath home
- Just the 2 of us living there
- We both work full-time (I work from home)

Anything to watch out for or consider before choose the companies?

Thanks in advance!


  • Do your research, then call the cheapest one up, ask them for their rates, then tell them you will think about it, they will try and offer you a credit if you sign up today. If you are really brave, decline again and they may up the credit. YMMV. :)

  • I know common sense would dictate that you go for the cheapest, however do note that most of the companies do provide "free credit on Sign Up". AGL for examples give you $100 + 50000 flybuys points. If you electricity usage is low, there is a possibility that the "sign up credit" is more than enough to pay for full amount of your first bill (YaY free electricity).

    My point being that, company "X" may be more expensive than company "Y", however because of the "sign up bonus", company "Y" may end up cheaper.

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    Is good for finding cheapest options if you have an idea of what your consumption is. If you don't I think you can enter house details etc for an estimate.

    Remember to check you are still getting the best deal every year or so.

  • Haven't really shopped around but we're with AGL for gas and electricity for a few years as they offered something like 16% off electricity rates (14% discount plus 2% for paying on time via direct debit) and 12% off gas (10% off + 2% for dd). Was definitely a saving over previous electricity provider (Energy Australia) so we've stuck with them.

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    Don't go purely by percent off, as different companies charge different rates and also have different daily supply charges which typically aren't discounted.

  • Check momentum. Far better rates than redenergy.

  • i am with momentum their rates beat all of the so called 20-30% off deals i have came across

  • I recently changed to Simply Energy. Get 40% off my electricity with RACV plan. Is cheaper than previous (Energy Australia who I hate with a passion). Gas is only slightly cheaper, can't remember the discount there. I really wanted cheaper gas as I have gas central heating, and it was so cold this last winter. I don't run it all day every day, and usually keep it round 18/19 degrees, but it still racks up around $200 bill - that is also with gas cooktop (electric oven) and gas hot water. But they all seem to charge around the same for gas for some reason.

    When I first called Simply Energy, I gave them the usage figures on my previous gas and electricity bills, and asked them to calculate the bills with their charges, with discounts and my Pension discount, to see if I would actually save if I changed.

    Whilst looking for cheaper rates, I really wanted to get away from Energy Australia. Not for nothing are they renowned for the worst customer service of any organisation in Australia. Every battle I had with them was like having an major operation without anesthetic.

    Whether Simply Energy will treat me any better remains to be seen. Like all energy companies, they will have a small division of people devoted solely to dreaming up new ways of pissing off the customers.

  • Power shop user here.. let me know you want to jump ship for their power. You (and I) get a $75 credit

  • Check SumoPower and Powershop.

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