Do U Need to Purchase Movie Ticket for Children under 3 Years Old?

did anyone know if you need to purchase movie ticket for children under 3 years old at hoyts or greater union? thanks



    Greater Union "Babes in arms" sessions.

    "Babes in Arms screenings take place at the cinemas listed below every Wednesday morning outside of school holidays. You just need to pay for your admission and children under 5 are free."

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    Just hide it under your jacket :P


      Most 3 year olds that I know (mine included) would be happy to play hide and seek under your jacket for exactly 1 second… In fact I have no idea how parents keep their 3yo kids sitting still for the entire movie.

      For kids ticket, according to this at EventCinemas:

      Children's pricing applies to Children between the ages of 3 and 15 years of age. For children under 3, please visit the box office or candy bar at the cinema to obtain a complimentary underage ticket.


      • Yes children 3-15 yo do need to pay.
      • Children under 3 is free but you still need to get a ticket.

    thanks all

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