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Havaianas Thongs for $10 at Costco Auburn NSW (Membership Required)


Bought two pairs yesterday at Costco

They have a variety of sizes and colours including
- black, lots and mainly all they had
- brown
- light blue
- green
- fluro yellow
- leopard print
- zebra print
- navy blue

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    WOW - nappies are expensive these days !


      Right up there with cigarettes ;)


      its not the standard jumbo size, i think its a mega

      did the per nappy calculations, even with deduction …
      its cheaper to buy when woolies/big w do the $25/box for jumbo

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    Thongs/havianas are $2.80 every day at Daiso. Membership not required. Many stores in QLD, NSW and VIC:

    They don't have an online catalog though, so I can't point you directly to them.


    Just thought I'd weigh in on these as I bought 3 pairs last year. Pair 1 - the tab on the bottom of the toe pole broke after a few weeks of use. Pair 2 - have been using regularly for over half a year and still going good, most-worn footwear item. Pair 3 - only used a few times when I wanted a different colour.

    I vaguely remember some comments about Costco/Aldi Havaianas being of a lesser quality than ones that retail at RRP elsewhere. Pair 1 breaking so soon made me suspect that might be the case? Would still buy them over Daiso/Kmart ones as they feel more comfortable, solid and less "foamy".