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Hi all

Hoping for a recommendation for a router - I've recently moved from a large house in the suburbs to a small flat in the inner city and my old router kicked it (ASUS rt-n56u). Realising I probably don't need a top end router given the range required is relatively small (and the router will be in the centre of the flat) - does anyone have any recommendations?




    It depends on how many people/devices connected to it, but I'd guess something like AC1200 would be enough.
    Linksys EA6300 or D-Link DIR-850L would be a good option.


      Chromecast, ps4, one laptop and three phones would be the day to day usage - usually have friends over on the weekend so throw in a few more phones during our 'peak'

      Does that narrow it down?

      Thanks for your help mate


    I'd check the number of networks around you and the channels they are on - it might inform whether you can get away with 2.4ghz only or if you need a 5ghz router (if all of the 2.4 channels are crowded)

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    Ozito make some fairly cheap routers, and of course you could go up a level and look at Ryobi unit.


    I live in a 1BR apartment and have an ASUS RT-AC68U. It's probably overkill for the coverage I actually need, but the reliability and stability is fantastic.

    I use it for chromecast, few phones, laptop devices, etc too.


      I have the same router in a 2BR unit. Works amazingly well even given the solid concrete walls.


    Have you got thick walls in your apartment? I set up the internet for a friend and I had to rig up a second access point through Ethernet over power because her walls were made of concrete. One access point serves the first two bedrooms, while the router's built in AP serves the bathrooms and the living room.


    Why whenever someone's going to buy a router they post about it? Does it really make a difference?

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      Moral support? :) I'm already tired of those Which phone I should buy? and Rate my PC posts, I may as well get used to these too…

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