Purchased TGG eBay without Discount Code

I made purchase from good guy ebay for the 1st time and i didnt add the discount code. I thought i would be adding it when i get redirected to Paypal but i wasnt aware the new eBay apps integrated with Paypal and they just approve the purchase. I have sent an email to Goody Guys Ebay as soon as i found out (yesterday) but havent got a reply. The Good Guys store has my order ready to pick up and money have been debited from my account. How do i go about it to get the discount applied? Thanks in advance.

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  • contact ebay, not GG - someone mentioned that's what they did in a comment I read yesterday (can't find the comment now though)

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    ebay live chat. they usualy fix it up

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    Just tell ebay that you added the code but ended up paying the full amount using Paypal. You should receive your refund within 21 working days.

  • I did the same thing. So I just re-bought the item and refunded the other… but mine was click n collect, so it was easy for me to go into the store and refund.

    FYI they do a reversal and then eBay/Paypal do the refund. The GG do not process a refund card/cash.

  • Have you bought something from eBay before?

  • I received a phone message from TGG that I have $20 credit by using code. Can I use it as Ebay voucher? Thanks.

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