How Do I Go about Setting up a Vanguard Account

I've always had a high interest savings account but thinking about putting money in a few different places. I want to open a vanguard account but not sure on the best way I want to add to it regularly. What's the cheapest and easiest way to open an account I've tried online but I need a investment number or something. I would like to do it tomorrow if anyone has an idea.

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    Email me your CC details

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    you can either open a trading account via commsec or CMC markets and buy into vanguard ETFs like VAS, VEU, VGS etc. OR you can go to vanguard's website and download forms for the fund you wish to deposit in and fill it in and send them off I think. I personally bought the ETFs via commsec.


      I've been very interested in investing with vanguard for quite some time now, but the convoluted process has always stopped me. Recently got into a managed fund via the app Acorns, which is quite interesting.

      What would you recommend for someone young who wants to stick $10k into something. A retail fund or an ETF?

      Just curious on your opinion


    Sounds like a Marvel movie


      Sounds like a lot of things …

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