South-East Asia Internal Flights during Christmas period

Hi all,

I'm going to be doing a ~1.5 month travel throughout SEA over the December/January period.

I'll be going solo for the second time. The first time, I had all the flights and hotels planned beforehand, with a relatively inflexible itinerary. This time I was hoping to wing it a bit more, but was wondering at what cost. I'm booking flights now, for the beginning and return leg of my trip. I was wondering if anyone knew what the prices for internal flights would be, if I was to book a couple of days before each flight.

Countries I'll be visiting, and the flights involved will be: Nepal, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

e.g. Flying from Nepal -> Laos looks like ~$600 already in December. If I decided to stay longer in Nepal, and fly out around December 20th, and book the flights a couple of days before, how bad is the damage? And also how bad will the shorter flights between the cities of Vietnam cost?

Any tips appreciated.


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    I'm heading to Vietnam and from what I've read on a lot of forums the internal flights don't really vary much in price even closer to the date of travel. Not sure how accurate this is though.

    I was in nepal last year, such an amazing country and beautiful people! Will you be trekking? :)


      Yeah definitely hoping to get some trekking done!

      All the information I've been reading about Nepal has got me very excited haha. I'm just looking at some of the longer treks, and considering choosing them, which will increase the length of my stay considerably; at the same time I don't want to pay 1k for a flight out of Nepal if I do decide to stay longer and the prices soar.

      Mind sharing what you did in Nepal, sights to see and things to do? Always looking for more ideas :)


        I was in Nepal for just over 1.5 months so you might not even need/want to leave :p

        I did the three high passes trek with EBC and gokyo, took about 3 weeks and that was trekking in from Jiri (as opposed to flying into Lukla which will cut 7 days from the trek). If you do an Everest region trek I definitely recommend trekking in from Jiri!

        PM me if you want a recommendation for a guide!

        After the trek I stayed in KTM for a few days then went to Chitwan where I did a jungle trek. Then went to pokhara, then back to KTM

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