It's 2016 Am I Getting The Best Credit Card Conversion Rate for Krisflyer Points?

I've posted this before on Ozbargain here (, but times have changed, so I would like the Ozb community's opinion again. I also hope there are others like me out there to whom this thread is useful.

I'm currently using the following credit cards:
Amex Platinum Edge which gives:
$1 => 3 points => 3 Krisflyer miles for supermarket spends
$1 => 0.5 points => 0.5 Krisflyer miles for insurance, government, utilities spends
$1 => 1 point => 1 Krisflyer mile for everything else

For Visa I have the Citibank Signature Visa which gives:
$1 => 1.5 points => 0.75 Krisflyer miles for purchases in Australia (I rarely spend overseas, if I do, it's another CC)

To redeem a flight, any time of the year, a round trip is 50000 Krisflyer miles. If you book online, you get a 15% discount, so you only require 42500 points. Both Qantas and Virgin (to my knowledge), is 50000pts with no online booking discount.

So to get 42500 Krisflyer points, assuming I put 60% of transactions on Amex (50% grocery, 50% other) and 40% on Visa:
For a total spend of: $28350 , I would get 42525 Krisflyer miles comprised of:
25515 Krisflyer miles for the Amex grocery spend
8505 Krisflyer miles for the Amex non-grocery spend
8505 Krisflyer miles for the Visa spend

Has anyone else got a better deal? Even if it's just using the Amex card to convert to Krisflyer points? I'm really interested to know what the cash spent amount equates to in Krisflyer miles (after converting from cash -> card points -> miles). Even if you hold a card that has a significant fee, but are getting a better deal than me, I'd be interested to know!

I'm not interested in cashing in on other stuff, like gift cards, goods and the like. Ozbargain is way better! <—- I just copied this from my thread, but even after 2+ years, this still stands!


  • Since you got amex edge, you need to get the new amex explorer giving 2 ppd.

    Gateway program merged with ascent premium. This topic has been discussed at AFF forum.

    Another way to boost your points faster, apply more creditcard which offers free bonus points ( velocity also can convert to KF ).
    So far I got 1.3m KF miles.

    • That's a lot of KF miles, enough for a lot of trips? Could you share if you earn from business spending or just personal use and collecting points from cc signup promotion?

      • Business spending for sure :)

  • Woah nice. I thought my Dads "Singapore Airlines Westpac" card was a good deal (1.25 krisflyer points per dollar for everything besides purchases on where its 2pts). I guess not having to bother with converting it from any bank reward system is a plus (oh plus they cant change the points rate which is good, looking at you citibank).

    Clever work there mate. 3pts for groceries is pretty good.

    • To an extent - but I want to see what other Krisflyer point chasers are doing. Yes, I think 1.5pts/$ on that card was good once upon a time, but since they reduced the earning rate, I've jumped ship. Loved the card (features, looks, convenience), but at the end of the day need to go with anything that has a better earn rate.

  • I worked out I don't spend much on groceries so the Amex Explorer works out better for my circumstances. Got about 150k Amex points after a month.Transfers to Krisflyer at 4:3.

    Look into velocity transfers as well. Just bought a TV for my parents for $1500=4,472 Krisflyer miles.

    $1,500=3000 Amex gateway points + 3000 velocity points = 4472 miles

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