Transit Time in Gold Coast Airport

Hi all

I will be landed at Gold coast international airport at 7am and will continue to Sydney via Jetstar. I am thinking to catch 10.05am flight (the next flight is 12.15pm)

Will I have enough time to collect bags (only 2 medium size), clear customs and checkin again (at least 9.30am)?

How busy is Gold Coast customs during school holiday?

Has Anyone done it before?

Thanks all


  • No problem. As long as your arrival flight is on time.

  • Thanks altomic.
    If the flight is delay, is one hour enough to collect bags and go through customs? Is Jetstar domestic checkin adjacent to customs?

    • It's a small airport so relatively close. You might have to walk 100metres max

  • Should be heaps of time. I once came from Auckland to OOL on Jetstar, then collected my bag, got through customs and made the AirAsia flight leaving 110 minutes after I got off the JQ flight. Was pretty risky but it all worked out.

  • Hope there are no strikes

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    Depending on your flight characteristics, clearing customs may not be the major issue. For example, an Air Asia X flight from Kuala Lumpur to the Gold Coast over the last 2 months would normally arrive at a respectable time (…) if judged within 1 standard deviation of the average delay and is probably passable at 2 standard deviations, but one of the flights were delayed up to almost 3 hours (in this case, 166 min) - which would have meant you missed your connecting flight.

    On the flipside, flights from Manila are notoriously delayed. For example, flights from Manila to Sydney (don't know if they fly to GC) over the last 2 months on Air Phillipines have an average delay of 46 minutes but as seen in the large standard deviation, it can get much worse (or better) (…). 27% of flights were "excessively" delayed and one was cancelled.

    And these statistics are just from mid-August to mid-October. With all the variations on typhoon season, festivals and holidays I don't know if this is better or worse than average or when you're flying.

    I would balance the risk of missing your flight with your hourly income and the time of year you're travelling. Last minute replacement flights from the Gold Coast to Sydney outside the school (esp summer) holidays is normally affordable on Tiger and Jetstar. If this was an international connecting flight of course I wouldn't risk it (since last minute international flights are often very expensive and I probably snapped up the deal on OzBargain just to save $100 in the first place).

    • Thanks peter for the details. I bought 12pm flight. I also have insurance (TID). But I need to double check if they cover domestic leg.

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        No worries.

        Years ago when I investigated several insurance companies to see if there's any cover with separately booked connecting flights the general response was "not really", even for foreign legs (despite all those promising-sounding "6 hour delay" rules).

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