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Skyrim Special Edition $58, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 $79, Titanfall 2 $74, World of Final Fantasy $58 @ Big W


Hey Everyone!

Considering this Friday is a massive day regarding us gamers I thought I'd create an account and make this post for Friday the 28th of October and the following releases. I have done the prior research in the prices of Big W, Target and JB-Hi-Fi. These are for standard copies of the game only and not pre-ordered or special edition copies. If there are any errors in this post or things aren't allowed, this is my first post so I apologize.

TITANFALL 2 $79 (PS4, Xbox One)

TITANFALL 2 $74 (PS4, Xbox One)

TITANFALL 2 $79 (PS4, Xbox One & PC)

The next game I will be covering is Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (PS4, Xbox One & PC) and should be uploaded no later than Thursday 3rd November.

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    Instant best friend here. Keep these posts coming! I'm too lazy to research myself.

    • Same here, make it a regular thing ☺

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        Thanks Guys! Looking to make it a regular thing!

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      It's to help people get the best prices for the game, also EB Games and many retailers price match with information like this, great work OP.

      • +1

        Yeah no thanks. If I want a game at the best price I'm going where it's cheapest and buying it there. I've got better things to do than stand around at EB while they think about selling me a game for a realistic price.

  • Pretty sure World of Final Fantasy is $58 at Big W.

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      Yep, got the catalogue today with it in it.

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      amended, sorry Ravensbane!

      • No worries at all mate. Good work.

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    The deal should be repositioned as "Skyrim SE $58, Tifanfall 2 $74, World of Final Fantasy $58 @ Big W" and then mention the comparisons in the deal.

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    Great first post, was looking to pick up World of Final Fantasy tomorrow so thanks for this!

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    PC Master Race. Bought Skyrim SE for $13 yesterday….

      • +3

        Well kinda. Likely bought legendary for that price which by owning you get SE for free. So kinda did/didnt.

      • +3

        Technically he likely did - he would have purchased skyrim legendary edition for that price, which enables you to the receive skyrim SE for free.

        Edit: beaten :)

      • legit?

        • Bought it yesterday, yeah.

    • Genuine question, why would someone buy Skyrim SE on PC if they can just mod normal Skyrim?

      • In theory it might eventually have mods that the normal one can't, due to the normal one's smallish hard limit on the amount of memory that mods can take up (3.1Gb), whereas the new version isn't as limited. But right now, until mod makers can adjust to the new version (not everything works the same) there's probably no huge reason to use it if you've already modded regular Skyrim.

  • -1

    Anyone else getting Skyrim tomorrow but holding off on playing it until the PS Pro is out…? (4K confirmed + potentially more)

    • I will crumble and start playing it before i get my pro, i grantee it!

    • I will wait for the PC VR patch.

    • Just be aware that PS pro is not native 4k but upscaled (unlike the new Xbox and obviously PC). Not sure if the special edition is likely to use high res textures though (can anyone confirm if it comes with high res textures?)

      • +1
        • OK well sounds like SKyrim will be the exception rather than the norm. I was referring to the PS Pro in general being upscaled.

        • @Piranha2004:

          No way new either new Xbox or the pro will run native 4k as norm hate to break it you mate much as ms would like you to believe so.

        • +1


          True that. Im a pure PC person so just going by whatever is said in the media. I wouldnt trust a console to run 4k native until maybe the next generation.

        • @Piranha2004: Come on man, I know its not going to be the norm, but read up on the checkerboard upscale Sony has built into the PS4 Pro and then have a look at Horizon, rendering at 1800p with the upscale (there is a 3 min 4K clip on Youtube, though missing the HDR). It just looks insane.

        • @Piranha2004: Agreed. The GFX power required to even do x1200p is crazy, let alone 4K. Surely there will be some kind of upscaling trick, or low frame rate. I'm sure it will still look awesome though!

        • @bloobat: Debatable. Maybe not the pro but the scorpio is rumored for 6Tflops of power (think 980ti/1070). If optimised it should provide 4K 30fps native for many titles.

      • -1

        Games can be rendered in real time at 2160p depending on the engine, but they'll be limited to 30fps with possible dips with the hardware in the console.

        The Last of Us is getting patched to support native 4K at 30fps as an option for example (in addition to Skyrim).

    • -1

      Just get it on pc

      • Not everyone owns or can afford an expensive pc.

        • I don't believe you need a beast of a pc to run this game. $500-1k pc may be sufficient.

  • I don't get spending 50-60 bucks on Skyrim

    • +2

      Only for console peeps. PC players get it for free if you had Skyrim Legendary Edition or Skyrim + all DLC (which is legendary edition anyway)

    • I do. $50-$60 is a fair price for a remastered version with all DLC. Despite having done it all before, enough time has passed that I can't wait to do it all again. Obviously, its not worth that on PC at this point, but that's why Bethesda have done good deals to provide it either free or at a reduced price for current Steam owners.

      This is one remaster that I actually consider a positive prospect all round.

      • Hmmn, I still don't see how integrating features that exist within the modding sphere into the console version is worth another $60 dollars. I could understand $30-40 for sure, but not $60-70

        • +1

          No, you're not paying for that. You're actually paying for the game and all DLC and the developers remastering work for consoles.
          Remember, this isn't "another" $60. There will be hundreds of thousands of people buying this games for the first time.

        • I guess that is true. Seems to me a huge percentage of people buying this already have played the original tho haha

        • @Pacify: Including myself. :) I own it in that nice Elder scrolls Anthology box on PC and on PS3. And TBH I wish existing console owners could grab it for $30 somehow, but I believe that would be too hard to implement logistically. I just really want to play it on my PS4. Potentially I could just play it now for free on PC with mods right now, but I will literally pay $60 not to have to go anywhere near my computer.

        • Damn sounds dire! Does your PC have rabies or something haha!?

        • @carlscott1982:

          Yep me… never got around to it before… $58 for essentially a new game for me with all the DLC and current gen graphics… can't wait…

        • +1

          @Pacify: I think it's because I work all day, mostly at a computer. The last thing I want to see on weekends is another computer. A nice 4K TV and a couch on the other hand…

        • +1

          you know you can plug your computer into the tv and use a controller :P

    • rofl me either. I picked it up for $5 at DS a couple years later. I've got too low an opinion of Bethesda to pay any more than that.

  • I bought BF1 from JB and have got 15% discount for Titalfall 2 if anyone wants to buy from them. In store only. Not sure if that be used multiple times as well.

    • Can I please have that discount for Titanfall 2? Thanks a bunch :D

      • Here yo go
        See if you can use that from mobile or print in store. Will be best price for it after discount. :)

        • Wonder if this would work for me?

        • @bwatt99: Thats why I hacve uploaded for fellow OZB members, try your luck in store. $67 is a pretty good price at the moment for this.
          Note: I wont get any benefit if you use it. Just trying to help :)

        • Can anyone clarify if this works for multiple people? I want to try also!

        • @ThePriceMatchGuy: I would advise to go in store and try yourself. I dont see a reason it should not work.

  • I'm hoping Target have Titanfall 2 for cheaper. Unfortunately they won't release their price until tomorrow. It'll probably be $73.

    • will amend as soon as it is announced!

    • Is that for the basic TF2 or the 'deluxe' version?

  • +3

    A table for ye:

    Game Target BIGW JB Hi-Fi
    SKYRIM: SPECIAL EDITION $64 ᴾˢ⁴ ˣᴮ¹ $58 ᴾˢ⁴ ˣᴮ¹ $79 ᴾˢ⁴ ˣᴮ¹
    DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 $79 ᴾˢ⁴ ˣᴮ¹ $79 ᴾˢ⁴ ˣᴮ¹ $79 ᴾˢ⁴ ˣᴮ¹
    TITANFALL 2 $79 ᴾˢ⁴ ˣᴮ¹ $74 ᴾˢ⁴ ˣᴮ¹ $79 ᴾˢ⁴ ˣᴮ¹ ᵖᶜ
    WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY $69 ᴾˢ⁴ $58 ᴾˢ⁴ $79 ᴾˢ⁴
    • +4

      Yeah I wanted to do a table, yesterday was my first time visiting/ using this website. Forgive my lack of knowledge good sir.

    • Thanks for the table

  • I know these are supposed to start Friday, but wondering if anybody has had any luck finding this available TODAY at these prices from anywhere (i.e. in-store)?

    • It's not the issue of getting them for these prices it's the fact I don't think any store would be silly enough to put these on display at the moment :P haha

  • One thing that annoys me greatly, and this is kind of off topic, is that Nintendo keep persisting with the 2DS. It looks absolutely dreadful.

    I've been waiting for a decent new 3DS bundle like the Mario 3D Land bundle in the US. Guess I have to wait a little longer. $179 new 3DS with Mario 3D Land and I'm totally in.

  • Does Kmart not do games anymore?

    • +2

      That haven't been for a while and the ones that do have anything is just ammibos and skylanders

      • Actually, they're getting out of that too. In fact, everything gaming-related is almost phased-out now.

  • Apparently Santa is bringing the family a PS4. Question for PS4 masters here: Is it possible to buy PS4 games from uk cheap and play them on Aus-bought console, like has been possible with the PS3?

    • Yes all PS4 games are region free.

      • Not likely to get the games much cheaper than in launch week where big w and target have these deals. But other than that sites like ozgameshop which is based in uk will most likely warrant you cheaper games

    • These guys have amazing prices. Bought Rise of the Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary for $51.10 delivered. Same game is selling at EB for $89.95 currently. http://www.base.com/

  • +1

    No mention of EB? Hahaha!

    • +1

      There is no question EB Games comes in with dearer prices than these competitors. What the average Australian doesn't understand is that places like JB, Big W and Target have a low mark up when it comes to video games, therefore they can price them cost to cost price. EB Games is a specialty store and relies on the sales of their Special and Collectors Editions, but are always happy to price match. Good business.

      In response to this comment and your one regarding wasting time in their stores.

      • It's not really a case of why EB can't be a competitive with prices, just be competitive. They always blame their vendors for setting the prices, well negotiate a better price with them FFS! I've also noticed with price matching lately that they are refusing to go 20% below shelf prices for games. This could mean they will sell a $100 game for $80 but nothing below that even if the other store has it for $70. This is not a solution to EB's prices and like I said I've got better things to do that be told be EB what their idea of the "best"price is they can do for a video game. I think your post is great and the more people that choose to shop elsewhere is a good thing. It sends EB a message that people will no longer put up with their rubbish.

  • Target still doesn't have titanfall 2 availabe

  • Excellent! Price matched WoFF Limited Edition at EB for $58!

    • You should of gone to where it WAS $58 and bought it there instead.

      • Big W has the standard edition for $58, I believe the Limited Edition is exclusive to EB.

        • Exclusive to EB? No price match on that, give us $130 sucka!

        • @High Score King: Not exclusive to EB, but Big W doesn't have it. RRP is $79.95.

        • @koganei: But it's in the Big W catalogue. How did you pm it for $58?

        • @High Score King: I pre-ordered at EB, which meant that I would be getting the limited edition. When I went to pick it up, I just showed them the listing on Big W's website showing it for $58 and they gave it to me.
          The limited edition and normal edition costs the same anyway.

  • So is World of Final Fantasy at their retail stores? Checked Karingal the other day and it wasn't there and the online store only offers delivery which is an extra 5 bucks. Could I price match it at EB?

    • EB should Price Match the game for you. They did for me.

  • Wonder what the likelihood of world of ff coming to pc eventually.. Don't have a ps4

  • WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY (PS4) Standard and Limited Editions are both $49 with JB HIFI.



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