expired Borderlands Bundle @ Bundle Stars - $18USD


Borderlands 2
Borderlands: TPS
A bunch of DLC for Borderlands 2

Anyone who hasn't played Borderlands 2 is really missing out. It is a very fun game. The Pre-Sequel was also good, it's pretty much borderlands 2 on a moon with Aussie/NZ accents.

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    The downside to this bundle is you don't get the BL1 DLCs, and the only way to get them for cheap is to buy the GOTY version. So you'd essentially have to buy the game again.

    There are also a number of DLCs that this doesn't include for BL2, including 5 mini campaigns and the final level cap increase DLC. So if you want the complete first and second game, there's quite a lot more to buy.

    TPS season pass is never bundled with the main game, though, so that's not such an issue.

    Just be aware that this is in no way a complete bundle.

    Oh how I wish the Handsome Collection existed for PC.


      yeah would have pulled the trigger if it had DLC for both BL1 and BL2. Still a great deal but I'll wait in the hope there is a better deal in future from Bundlestars/Humble Bundle/Steam/Misc.


    Anyone know if the keys are separate for each game? I want to give one of my friends one of the games. Thanks.