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30% off Store Wide @ Nutrition Link 1/2 Price Shipping orders over $75, Free Shipping orders over $150!


Ozbargainers, this Halloween get 30% off store-wide at Nutrition Link! Today only!

We stock a range of sports supplement and nutrition products, which you can get at amazing prices with this coupon code, including:

Protein Drinks

  • Get 12 bottles of Muscle Milk for $34.30!

Protein Pancake Mix

  • Get Protein Pancake Mix for $9.79!!

Protein Muffins

  • Get Mighty Muffins from $11.18!!!

We also have Coconut Water, Protein Chips, Meal Management Bags, Whey Protein and more!

Everything in store 30% off using the coupon code HALLOWEENFRENZY

If there's anything we're missing, or if you just want to get in touch with us, feel free to email us at [email protected] or email me directly at [email protected]!

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    Ozbargainers, this Halloween get cheaper prices elsewhere! Not just today only! Which is why I'm negging:-
    $109.99 - 30% using HALLOWEENLETHARGY code = $77.00 + delivery costs undisclosed in description
    approximately $49.64 + Postage $5.75 = $55.39

  • Thanks for the comment.

    On our online store we offer half price shipping on orders $75 or more, and free shipping on orders $150 or more.

    The link you have provided is to import the SST glow from the U.S. We offer local shipping and support from Melbourne.

    If all prices were compared to international markets then there would be site wide negging on all deals.

    It is important to factor in as well the time it will take to get the item shipped from the US.

    Further this deal is store wide and is not specific to the SST glow product, thus i do believe your comment to be a misrepresentation of our deal.

    I appreciate your feedback.

    • -1

      "On our online store we offer half price shipping on orders $75 or more, and free shipping on orders $150 or more."
      That is still not in your description.
      Tomorrow you will charge your fellow members of OzBargain $109.99 + half-price shipping for what I found on eBay for approximately $55.39 delivered. Am I misrepresenting that?

      • The title has been updated to reflect the shipping.

        Tomorrow I will not be posting this to ozbargain as the deal ends at midnight and I won't be posting RRP prices as a deal.

        The neg button is not a value judgement on regular pricing, it's specifically to identify whether a deal and its pricing throughout the duration of the deal meets the requirements of being a deal or not.

        What you found on eBay was international - Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States. It will take almost a month for delivery.

        • But tomorrow, you would take a fellow member's $109.99 + half-price shipping for what I found for $55.39, wouldn't you? Just like you would take $77 + tonight? My negging refers to what you are charging now.

        • @PJC:

          You are still comparing prices between different markets and not factoring in shipping times.

          Have you cross referenced the rest of the items on sale at 30% off Australian RRP to international markets in your evaluation or only the one product?

        • @nutritionlink:
          But you would actually take that amount tomorrow from a fellow member.

          Just in case you ever attempt taking OzBargain seriously, bring your attention to this:-

          Before posting a bargain
          Is this really the best price on the web? Check for the lowest prices.

        • @PJC:
          It is 30% off store wide.

          If there are 20 products available at the cheapest price in Australia and on the web, and only 1 product cheaper on price but only available to import from the US (stretching shipping out to almost a month and risking customs seizure as importing any supplements from other countries that have other market regulations are heavily monitored by customs), then is that justification that the deal overall is worth negging?

        • @nutritionlink: Yes. The onus is upon you, not prospective customers, to factor in shipping and cross-reference prices. That vendor on eBay requires me to perform neither task, and his offer is not momentary like yours. I still cannot fathom the relevancy of Halloween.

        • @PJC:
          I appreciate the engagement and believe that i have laid out a strong case as to why its a range of deals worthy of posting to a bargaining community that i have personally visited for many years. I still believe that the existence of multiple products available at the cheapest price on the web within a certain timeframe, where the only exception comes with obvious shipping delays immediately visible upon visiting that ebay merchant, as well as customs concerns, meets the criteria of the community.

          I'll leave it for the community to decide, but i do appreciate the engagement.

        • @nutritionlink:
          "… at the cheapest price on the web …"
          Believe me, eBay is still on the web.

          "I've been a member here for many years … "
          While the violin sweetly plays, I see your profile says you joined last month.

          Like it would have killed you to price-match the SST Glow for a few hours.

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