Is This a Bargain Worth Posting? (Xiaomi Mi Band 2 - ~US $20.99)

Later tonight Xiaomi Mi Band 2 will be US$22.99 here, though a US$2 coupon is available with the store for purchases over US$20, for a total price of US$20.99.
The product has been US$20 before, though it's extremely hard to find for that price currently… With most places selling it for more around the US$25-30+ range.

Just wanted to ask:
1. Is stacking the $2 coupon with the 11/11 sale possible? Store has changed minimum spend to $200 rather than $20, lol… Sneaky buggers
2. Is this a deal worth posting? ($22.99 still sounds okay??)

Edit: If it is something that works, feel free to post it on my behalf. :D


  • The band is a pain in the a**. Look up the pairing issues experienced.. I now have a bricked band that can't/won't connect.

    I was a Mi Band 1 fan, this has caused me enough frustration to potentially ditch them :(

    Edit: I'm not just complaining for the sake of it, but I'd really recommend local stock/sellers, as that way you have some protection if it c**ps out.

  • Mine is fine…. Yeah few tries at the beginning but it's just one off pairing… Then stick forever..

  • good price. bought one

  • Finally got one because of OP. Thank you :)