eBay Protecting Sellers Who Combine Shipping and Don't Ship

i'm having a 'discussion' with eBay at the moment and keen to hear others stories or advice.

i used buy it now for a bunch of items on eBay, not realising that two of them were from the same seller, checked out and waited for my items to arrive.

all the items arrived except for one. i started the process and the seller contacted me to say that the two items had been shipped together. they didn't send me any email / eBay message about this, so i replied saying that i didn't receive the other item. in the mean time eBay closed the dispute. The seller made a comment to give me a refund, and when i appealed eBay closed the appeal without any notice or reply.

what should i do next? we are only talking $25 so the amount is irrelevant (except i chose to purchase (based on the time) the item at a retail store and pay retail rates). I just want eBay to protect the buyers.

I'm interested to see what others think about this from eBay's policies. if a buyer purchases two items from a seller, the seller can send one item and be protected by eBay because they can provide a tracking number that is received. What if it was two $5k watches (not that i'd by $5k watches from ebay, but you get the point.

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    Im guessing you opened a dispute based on item not received? Maybe you would have had a better chance under Item as not as described.

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    make a paypal claim.


      This is what I would do too. if you used paypal open a claim stating that you have to received to goods.


    Sometimes the shipping slip contains the box weight to the gram…very useful for a claim, so keep all packaging. Your first junior detective work is seeing if the shipping cost matches the item weights + packaging.


    what proof is their that leads ebay to believe the seller shipped them together?

    there two separate items.

    I'd ask ebay for the TWO separate tracking numbers.

    as the only proof which isnt even proof is the sellers word they combined them together

    Very dodgy on ebays part and sellers not asking for permission to combine postage (unless sellers listing states multiple items will be combined of something like that)


    Don't see how ebay can just dismiss your claim like this.

    Even for an order that includes multiple items, the buyer still has a valid claim if one or more of those items are missing when the parcel arrives. Let alone when the seller is not even meant to put your two orders into the same parcel.