Cheapest copy of Borderlands HC for Xbox One

Anyone got the best price for borderlands handsome collection for Xbox one? Would be very appreciated.


  • You can get the digital copy for about $33.00 at the moment if that's OK.


      Yeah looks to be the cheapest so far, thanks

  • Hey mate. Saw this deal pop up and though it might be of use to you.
    $20 plus postage or free postage if you order over 50 dollars.


      Hey everything else is $20 but borderlands is $45 :(

      • Was definately 20 yesterday when I checked out. Not sure why the price is changing. The rep seems pretty good reading the comments for the post. Might be worth asking them to fix it. They were having heaps of issues yesterday but fixed them up. Promotion only runs for 24hrs though so is due to end at 12 today.

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