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Need for Speed™ Deluxe Edition $14.99 USD (~$20.26 AUD) @ US PSN Store


Not a bad deal,for an average game.
Deluxe Edition too.
Enjoy :)

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  • below average*

  • Worst NFS I've ever played!

  • Thought it's the first version…

  • awesome game no idea what others complained about.

    though underground 1 and 2 and the first most wanted are my favourites by as long run

    • All your comments are putting me off from buying the game~ "it's good but others are Better!"

      I only want one 1 racer to play casually every now and then and it better be the best one!

      • lol

        i meant it as it's the best out of the latest NFS games like i hated the second most wanted, rivals and the pro street ones put me off nfs big time.
        i finished this one in a few days lol

        I paid full price at release do not regret it one bit.

        watch a few youtube vids.
        and see if this is what you like.

        • Gonna go with this after some research.


          The crew complete edition $13 USD

        • @Zeral: Ive not enjoyed the crew at all and i got the game for free on pc lol.

        • @Axelstrife:
          Damn you all.
          I read wild hunt was a major upgrade to visuals with additional trollfes modes, not sure if that would've changed your impressions though.

        • @Zeral: The visual update was given to everyone not just those with wild run dlc.

        • @Zeral: Hey could you answer this question, How do you poay for things on the US PSN store?

        • @Axelstrife:
          I actually answered the same question before, here's a copy paste.

          Amazon.com with a no currency fee card like 28degrees/citibank(or any card of your choice if you don't care about fees).

          Use a US hotel address for Amazon and you'll get the code instantly(digital code purchase).

  • have been thinking about grabbing this for the past week… sold my physical australian copy as i'm going digital… wonder if the save will work with this, if not i'll probably just grab it on pc when its cheap on origin

    anyone know?

  • Almost grab pre-own at EB due to lowest price than the previous sale. But this is much better. Glad that i did not pick up last time

  • But when I goto store it is showing me $84.95
    When I go through the link you provided it is says "Unable to find the page"

    Why why why this happens to me

  • I can't keep track of which NFS game is this?
    Is this the latest?