Bought PS3 games from EB Games, Why Do All Of The Discs Have PEGI Classification?

Isn't PEGI a UK-based rating?
Oddly enough, the cover case has Australian rating but the game disc seems to have UK-based PEGI rating.

Do Ebgame sell imported games?
Is that normal?

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  • The manufacturer probably only printed one type of pal disk.

  • Do Ebgame sell imported game ? Is that normal?

    Yes and yes. As long as the disc is for a PAL console and the case has the Aussie classification logos on the cover, be it by sticker or printed on, they will sell it regardless.

  • does it occur to ebgame only ? say if i buy form jbhifi sealed copy, it will have the PEGI rating too?

    • EB does sometime sells foreign games that they've sourced themselves, and its almost always from Japan with English covers.
      In the norm, ALL GAMES from EB Games or JB Hifi that are new are for AUS market.

      However, since both retailers buy, sell, and circulate used games, foreign games will pop up.
      This isn't a problem for the PS Vita or PS3 or PS4 (except for DLC codes).
      So you can buy foreign games for these consoles without any* risk.

      However, it is a problem for the older consoles such as PS2 (some games), GameCube, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii and Wii U.
      You won't see foreign games for these.

      The Nintendo 3DS has region-locking, but most game publishers seem to not implement it.
      The Xbox One was region-locked, but they removed that "feature", it is supposed to be region-free now… however, I wouldn't put much trust here. And for those reasons EB Games refuses to accept buying your games that are foreign if they're Xbox One or Nintendo 3DS, even if those particular titles worked on your device.

  • All my Wii U games have the UK and/or I think its German rating and not the Australian classification system.
    I've noticed that a couple of my games have actually a overseas cover with an Australian classification sticker so I'm wondering whats up with that (They were brand new games not preowned).

    • Printing extra covers for Australia is too hard, so they just stick the classification sticker on :). I've also seen "Australian" covers with UK/Europe disks inside (brand new) as well. Don't worry, we're in the same region, and as long as it has been classified and has the right classification sticker on it, it's perfectly fine.

  • I think New Zealand games are often UK stock with stickers over the ratings. With EB, I would check if the cover slip is a photocopy/printout. If you know a particular game, We can check for you, maybe.