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Battlefield 1 Standard Edition $37.85AUD from Korea Origin Store Black Friday Sale [VPN]


Spent the evening going through different Origin Store regional pricing, these are my findings:
Cheapest - Korean Origin:
BF1 ₩31,680 // $37.85AUD This is the one I purchased and this is the price that has shown up on my bank statement
Deluxe ₩46,200 // $53AUD
Ultimate ₩94,777 // $109AUD
NOTE: Korean Origin does NOT accept PayPal as payment, but my card details went through perfectly fine.

If PayPal is more your thing, the second cheapest prices I found are:
Singapore Origin:
BF1 $41.94 // $41AUD
Deluxe $65.94 // $63AUD
Ultimate $128.31 // $121AUD

*All prices are rough exchange rates slightly rounded up (besides the basic Korean one since I purchased that and confirmed the price I was charged. I will post a comment of exactly how I go about doing this below in a few moments for those who do not know how.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2016

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    My usual procedure which is as follows:
    1. Sign into
    2. Open up
    3. Activate whatever VPN location I want (for this it first was Mexico, then after checking price, changed to Singapore, then Korea).
    4. Refresh to make sure it auto redirected to or
    5. Search Origin Store, then go to link.
    6. Make sure URL is or
    7. Navigate to wanted game and click Buy Now.
    8. Because I am already signed in, it skips that step and goes right to Order Review where I scroll down and throw in a Promo Code if I happen to have one.
    9. Proceed with PayPal (clicking Buy Now or Pay Now or whatever the button was). (SKIP THIS FOR KOREAN ORIGIN SINCE PAYPAL IS NOT AVAILABLE, just proceed as a normal online purchase.)
    10. Popup pops up saying about going to third party payment gateway thingy, I click the continue? button.
    11. When the PayPal login page loads up, I turn the VPN service off (I actually do this while this page is loading, but sometimes I'm too quick or too slow, but either way I have never had an issue).
    12. Log in to Paypal, it says the price in SGD and then the converted price in AUD, I click the Pay Now or whatever they call it button.
    13. Done. No need to reactivate the VPN or anything, it's all good. Origin gives me a window saying I am awesome or some other bit of information I already know.
    14. I open Origin program and begin my download.
    15. Profit.
    Hope that helps! :)

    • Thanks for your step by step instructions!:)

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    :( don't know if its just me but when I try to buy I always get
    We had some trouble processing your request. Please try again later."
    After paypal returns to ea.

    Ah well guess it saves me money

    • Same here :(

    • I had a friend who this same thing happened to as well, which was strange, as I was actually remote desktop'ing to his PC and doing it for him, doing it exactly how I do it every time. So I was thoroughly confused. Only thing I can suggest is play around with when you turn off the VPN, change the IP you're using with the VPN, or wait a bit and try again? I've wondering if it maybe has to do with the type of PayPal account used, as I have a business account/premium, where as my friend only had a personal. Maybe that caused some issue? I honestly don't know sorry. I wish I could be more help for you :( But there's always the Korean Origin for use with a credit/debit card if you want to try save a few more dimes!
      Either way, good luck!

      • I appreciate your suggestions :)

        • I also had the issue on SG origin:

          "Whoops! We had some trouble processing your request. Please try again later."

          Finally worked but had to keep the VPN on throughout the paypal process

    • It took me 3 goes buying Titanfall 2 the other day, it seemed to time out returning to Origin from paypal with the whoops error.

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    Finally got to work (legit 12 times I tried). I used my work laptop purely for the Sng part and my home desktop for setting up my credit card. I used Tunnelbear VPN on Chrome extension and kept it on through the whole process. Thanks for all the help.

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      Great to hear! I should mention it took me almost an hour to get it to work for me on the Korean one. It just kept giving me a never ending loading circle before I actually commited to buy, I went through 3 different Korean IPs before finally I got one where it worked haha. So far Korean Origin is the one I have the most/longest trouble with, but at a price like this, I won't complain…too much :P
      But good hearing you finally got it going in the end!

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    If using Korea make sure to add your credit card to origin while on Australian website and set as primary payment.

    • I should have mentioned that actually, sorry. I had my CC added years ago, so I didn't even think about it. However my card had expired so they did make me re-enter my details and CCV which worked super fast and fine, but yeah, doing it on AU Origin will speed things along a little bit faster :)

      • I wasn't able to enter my CC details at checkout while on the Koren site. Fortunately an OzB user helped me out with that tip.

        • That's really weird, maybe they let me because it was just reconfirming the expiry date and CCV and not actually inputting the card numbers? Who knows. Crazy Multi Origin Stores?!?

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    I paid $36.58 yesterday using 28 Degrees.

  • Free 6 month trial VPN with Korean servers. I had to use OpenVPN to connect.

  • Op for PS 4?

    • Origin store on PC only I am afraid :( If only! haha.

  • pc only, right?

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    Can concur that Singapore worked out around $41 AUS using a normal fee credit card.

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      Thanks for confirming! I'll update my original post to $41 just in case people get upset that my rough exchange rate was off by $1 :P

  • If I buy with VPN from Korea, I can still use this on my Aus account?

    Is it risky?

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      I've bought from Mexico, Singapore, Canada and Korea Origin, and have never had any issues at all. There is always some degree of risk I guess with Terms of Conditions and so on, but from personal experience, nothing has ever gone wrong.

      • ah i assume u use it all in jst one account yeah?

        Thats cool, i might get the game :)

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          Correct, I only have the one Origin account :)

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          @SySalem: thanks so much man, it cost me 36.5$ u saved me almost $15


        • @Freestyle: No worries! Great to hear you saved some dosh! ^.^

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    Thanks OP, Finally I did it from singapore. Paid with Citibank Debit as AU$39.

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      Awesome, Groovy to hear you got it slightly lower than my estimated exchange rated price! Nice work, and enjoy! :D

  • can you purchase premium pass standalone? I cant seem to find it. and how much would it be?

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      Premium Pass on AU Origin doesn't seem to be on special, it's $59.99. Give me a few moments and I can try get you some prices from the other Origins :)
      As to where it is, go to Battlefield 1 page, click near the sideish tab area "Related Products, and it's the first one in line.

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      Cheapest ones I found were Singapore and Korea again, as follows;
      Singapore $54~ AUD
      Korea $53~ AUD

  • Works easily using korean origin.

  • so i bought it from the Singapore store, just like I bought Titanfall 2 a day earlier… played it once and it's been pulled from my account stating the payment failed (which it didn't)… currently on to support as it seems purchasing has been blocked on my account as I can't rebuy it or anything else right now…

    word of warning for VPN users… titanfall 2 worked though so I'm confused…

    UPDATE: Can now confirm my account has been banned… I have a case open, only reason I can think this has happened is due to VPN use… lame :\

    • As far as I know, bans on;y happen if people get the message of payment issues. So I assume they think that your transaction was fraud.

      Having said that, credit card processors now look at IP and geo-location and might have bounced your card does to it being from a known VPN proxy which does not match your card's country of origin.

      Think this is more fraud protection than loophole protection.

      See if your Paypal statement screen says the transaction has been bounced. If you VPN was on during Paypal, this most likely would have happened

      • Sadly I used credit card, I did have it bounce trying to use PayPal… It's weird I had no problem with titanfall… Hopefully they unblock my account soon… Probably have to wait for the next sale.

        • hi i had the same problem with titanfall 2, bought it, installed it then went away for work for a week. Came back to play and got an email that my purchase failed and I realised my game has been pulled. Ive been back and forth with the ban appeals team, the hotline people, the live chat people and email. Have reached out via fb and twitter as well but still nothing. One person will say my account is banned, and to go talk to appeals team. Talk to appeals team who say nothing wrong with my account. ANd the process happens over again. For real.

    • what was your payment method

  • OP and readers should note that if your payment bounces for whatever reason, you will get banned by Origin… No questions asked.

    • Haha wish I'd known that, you know if it's easy to get unbanned? If I lose the ability to buy again on this account I'm never buying another EA product on pc quite frankly…

      • :/ I read people had success on livechat. Apparently livechat is hard to find? Not sure, I've never tried. Didn't see instructions on how to geto livechat as well.

  • Standard or deluxe version??? which one would you buy?

    • Personally choice standard really, but I'm mostly just in it for the playing with friends, so the deluxe didn't really catch my eye since none of them had the deluxe either. But if you think the extra dosh is worth the few little things, by all means, go for it! :)

  • For the people talking about getting banned and their games being removed, all I can comment on that is, I purchased during the Black Friday Sales 3 different games, all from 3 different regions, all using my method described above, and none have been removed/been banned. Partly the reason why I always make sure I turn off the vpn when it goes to the payment gateway (aka paypal) just to be safe, but for those that have had bad luck, all I can say is what someone else has suggested, and try talk to live support. As it could have just been a fraud protection/flagged type issue.

  • If you are wanting Ultimate, it is worth noting that Standard and the Premium Pass combo is cheaper than Ultimate.

    Premium Pass is $59.99 AUD (not currently discounted) on Origin AU - I presume it is also not discounted anywhere else so it looks like you are better off buying Standard as above and then buying the Premium Pass as and when you need it.

    Even buying the Standard Game on Origin AU for $59.99 AUD (33% discounted at the moment), and Premium Pass for $59.99 and Origin Access beforehand for $6.99 to get 10% off will make the whole thing $114.97 AUD (and cancel Access before the month is up). That's cheaper than Ultimate on Origin AU or any of the other countries quoted above.

    I don't know if you get anything substantial extra by buying Ultimate over Standard and Premium Pass later.

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