Optus Redundant Overhead Cable Removal Fee


I have been with Optus the past couple of years for internet/phone. I was on their cable internet service (overhead cable from power poll to house) until NBN was available and this was installed via an underground fiber. I assumed the old overhead cable would be removed once the NBN had been installed since it is totally 100% useless. This never happened and upon phoning Optus, now 6 months later, they are asking for a minimum fee of $99 to send out a tech to remove the cable which may be more if the job turns out to be more complex. I assumed there would be no charge for removing the redundant cable but seems that I am incorrect. I would just like to confirm this is in fact the case before I pay the fee. I am located on the north side of Brisbane, QLD.



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    Snip snip

  • Personally I don't think it should be free just because it's redundant (they aren't taking down the street cables ever.) but also I don't think it would actually cost $99 to remove.
    Dude + ladder to unscrew then cut and remove feed in cable. Doesn't really seem like a $99 thing.

    Do any of the neighbours also have Optus lead in cables installed too? Might be worth asking if they would pay to have it removed and say to Optus "4 people are offering to pay for it to be removed how about doing it for a discount?".

    I don't think a vasectomy is going to help people recommending a snip snip. :P

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    I just snipped mine off myself.

    As I couldn't reach to the top of the powerline where the cable are run from, it just dangles about 3m from the ground.


    JB1 haha… Not sure I want to cut it myself. To be honest, the main reason I want it gone, is because the possums use it to get to my house to run a muck and eat our veges!!

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      No reason not to cut it. Just make sure it's Optus and not an electrical cable!

      Having said that, possums are pretty cunning and will find another way into your house if they have been there before.

  • https://yescrowd.optus.com.au/t5/Broadband-Telephony/Need-un...

    suggests that it should be free. Unless they have changed in the last few months, I'd try that route.

    Otherwise I suggest sending them a message telling them they have 4 weeks to remove it from your property, or you'll remove it. No reply and you've covered yourself. If they do reply then tell them that you certainly aren't paying as you aren't a customer - their wire, their responsibility.

    • Lead in cables are actually your responsibility if you damage it or Optus's main line then you have to pay for it.
      My area for example if I cut my optus HFC line on purpose or even accidentally and I caused my neighbours connections to become faulty id be liable.I could even be charged with a federal offence.

      Provided everyone on it has moved off and it's been turned off I don't see a problem cutting it yourself though. So only once the 18 month switch over has come and gone just to be sure.


    sane Thanks for the link i'll register for the forum and send a message. Now that I think about it.. I still have the cable box (grey one) attached to the outside of the house next to the NBN. I wonder if there is anything inside this? Guessing i'm responsible for removing the box too. I'll check it out tonight.

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    Just a quick update for anyone else interested. I ended up chatting to an Optus rep on their website and they did indeed confirm the removal is free unless anything out of the ordinary / complicated needs to be done. They booked a tech who will apparently contact me within 3-4 business days to organise removal. I'll keep you all updated on how this goes.

    • Congrats.

      It does seem nowadays that the social media team is a better bet for getting sense/action that phoning a call centre. I guess an unhappy punter on their website leaves an auditable trail picked up by search engines, whereas a phone call is known to nobody else.

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