Advice/Cost in Building a Car Garage

Hi all

Some advice would be most helpful. I have recently purchased a new property on a corner block and on the other (non main driveway) I want to build a dual car garage with roller door, preferably as one open space such as a single roller door. At the moment there is a fence that opens to allow the driveway to be used. Space wise we have heaps it won't be an issue and I don't think the council will object either.

Where I need help in can anyone offer assistance in the best pricing/recommend people to get this done without it costing heaps (keeping in mind I'm in Adelaide, SA).

Has anyone here done something similar and at what cost?

Also the garage won't be attached to the actual house itself and the side walls don't necessary have to be enclosed, just the entrance.

Thank you in advance.


  • And planning from the council.
    Putting it on a concrete slab?

  • You could start with checking the rules on outbuildings for your local council, gives you an idea on what your are allowed. Eg my council specifies the following limits on size in relation to your lot

    221-270m2 46m2
    271-500m2 50m2
    501-571m2 60m2
    572-666m2 70m2
    667-800m2 85m2
    801-1000m2 100m2

    And then they go into wall height, roof height, location on your plot, spacing from the main building and fences, etc

    I haven't got into the next stages of getting quotes

  • Thanks all, I might have to wait until something is secured from the council first I guess and just do the whole ring around.

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