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Free Steam Badge + 100 XP - Steam Awards Nomination Committee 2016


The Steam Awards give us a chance to earn a free badge. You only need to complete 1 task to earn the badge but it only takes a few more minutes to maximize it. Each task you complete gives you 25 XP.

The four tasks:
* Nominate 1 game
* Nominate a game in each category (9 categories)
* Play a game you nominated
* Review (or update your review) for a game you've nominated

More information can be found in the FAQS section of The Steam Awards


How do I nominate games?
To nominate games, search for them in the Steam store, then click “Nominate this game for an award” and select a category for that game. Or find the game in your Library and use the Store Page link at the far right, in the Links section.

Can I edit my nominations?
Yes, go back to that game’s store page and click on "edit" to change or remove your nomination.

Do previous reviews count?
You’ll need to post a new review (for a game you’ve nominated) or update a review you previously posted. Make sure to nominate the game first.

Why should I participate?
Because your opinion matters! (well you get a free badge so why not)

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  • +1

    is there an award for biggest let down? i want to nominate No Mans Sky

    • +2

      Yes, you can create your own category and nominate a game for that category.

    • There's a new update that pretty much reinvents the purpose of the game. You don't just mindlessly explore now. Give it a look. :)

  • Please vote No Man Sky as "Best Scam Award", cheers guys!

  • +5

    This is what I voted if anyone cares or wants some ideas


    • +1

      Your "Game in most need of a sequel" award really cracked me up!

    • We voted the same games in three categories - I'm not crying, villain in need of a hug, and game most in need of a sequel (though I put Episode 2 here).

  • +2

    Half Life 2: Game that "Deserves a Sequel" award


  • My made up one was for GUN with The “Best Scalping Simulator” Award

  • Done. Easy XP.

    • +1


      Done. Easy XPeasy*.

  • +1

    What do we do with these badges and xp?

    • Show it off on your profile. Other than that, reaching certain levels gives you added steam bonuses such as a larger friends list, ability to display achievements on profile etc

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