Most Disappointing Bargain-Oriented Company of 2016?

As we're reaching the end of 2016, I'd be interested to hear which company you think has had the most disappointing year in terms of bargain-oriented products.

For me, it is ING Direct. At the start of this year, it was easily the bank of choice for the keen OzBargainer.

2% cash back with Paywave, generous referral bonuses, an excellent app, free cash withdrawals at any ATM & fee free. A no brainer.

While some great features still exist, over the course of the year they (a) dropped the 2% cash back, (b) stopped referral bonuses from OzBargain, (c) created a new website that is most cumbersome to operate and (d) have just introduced a very disappointing credit card: (I'm sure I'm not the only one that expected ING to do a lot better with its first credit card.)

I'd be interested to hear which companies you think need to up their game in 2017.


  • Gearbest.

  • Dick Smith gets the lifetime achievement award, hall of fame and 2016 disappontments and dodgey dealings award.

    • the way they shut down and their attitude towards the customers was a disgrace.

      Masters first few months of there closing down sale wasnt far behind.

      • Speaking of Masters, we went there on the weekend to buy some timber. We ended up buying some other things as well and it wouldn't scan on their system and the staff were clearly over all the problems. They gave the stuff to us for free in fabric bags (selling for 50 cents usually!) and told us not to worry about the guy at the door (they called him "The Liquidator").

    • I completely forgot about Dick Smith. Completely agree.

  • Harvey Norman. They always have these really crappy computer deals if you know the ones I mean

    McDonald's also sucks

  • EB Games for their stock system

  • In INGs defence, I still find the free withdrawals at any ATM to be enough of a benefit to not touch any other bank to hold my cash. 2% cashback will be missed but I find their app to still be great? Not sure what's cumbersome about it. Have you tried Citibank's app (aka Ozbargainer's travel card of choice for overseas cash withdrawals)? They still want your full password.

    I think AMEX needs to up their game, their shopsmall is getting a bit difficult as time goes on. Personally, stores are going missing rather than appearing, but then again thats just my experience.

    • Well I am still OK with ING atm.

      Their APP is still good and their Watch App is acceptable.

    • I agree that ING's free ATM withdrawals are great.

      I actually find Citibank's app really good. Being able to see your last 5 transactions without logging on is a terrific feature that I wish ING had.

      • -2 votes

        In my opinion that is a sign of an insecure app. Anyone could look at your phone and get an idea of your banking history and other security information.

        • a) You do not have to enable it if you do not want it — it is entirely opt-in;
          b) If you are concerned about security, you will have a passcode on your phone, so no one can see it unless they have your passcode;
          c) No other security information is contained in the summary screen (such as card or account number); and
          d) Very little information about your banking history is gleaned from your last 5 transactions.

  • eBay. Constant x amount off, usually not the cheapest for anything (that i buy).

  • Masters.
    Expected there to be better discounts, while I was completely surprised by how hungry the general public are for small discounts

  • Discount Lollie Shop (VIC). Prices aren't really that discounted compared to the supermarket.


    Masters liquidator 'great american '
    Increased all prices to 'maximum ever sold for' as shown to me by staff on pricing system's then reduced by small percentage
    Ended up prices increased massively on certain products, then promoted as discounted
    Maybe this is perfectly 'legal'
    Just seemed totally fraudulent
    Worked well for them
    Not so for general public who fell for it

  • Catch of the Day.
    I used to buy a lot of stuff from them. Lately their prices are only so-so and any items that are true bargains are sold out before they are listed.


    ozbargain for the meetup tshirt debacle of 2016

  • Agree with ING. Most importantly Their interest rate on saving maximizer became disappointing too. Used to be the highest or second highest. I transferred my money to citibank to get a better rate