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Adguard Lifetime Licence Android/iOS $3.60 - Root/Jailbreak Free Browser & In App Ad Blocker (Normally $13.30) Cyber Monday


Limited deal from US Black Friday/Cyber Monday which is still active in the US time zone.

One of the best ad blockers for a non rooted phone on android. Blocks both browser apps from chrome and also within apps to essentially give an ad free premium app experience.

Also works on iOS and doesn't require jailbreak.

Download the app from here and use my link to purchase the licence: https://adguard.com/en/welcome.html

Lifetime Licence is usually $13.30 for mobile devices but if you pay via Russian rubles as the nominated currency and with the 50% Black Friday deal, it's only ~$3.60 with a 28 degrees Mastercard via PayPal.

The lifetime licence enables in app ad blocking as well as in the browser of your choice (I use chrome developer). The free version only does in browser blocking. Works a lot better than other free alternatives like Block This which I would have to constantly toggle to allow playstore updates etc.

This is because BlockThis does not actually filter anything. It replaces the DNS server with their own and redirects ad domains to localhost.

Adguard intercepts all outgoing web requests, and can block requests for individual files. This lets adguard block ads even if they originate from the same server as content you do want to see.

As an addition, Adguard may also work on a DNS level if "Filter DNS requests" option is enabled. But instead of using some remote DNS server, it intercepts DNS requests locally.

Works very well on my unrooted S7 edge on the Nougat beta. Improves browsing experience and saves mobile data. Has had neglible effect on battery life so far. According to in app statistics, in one day I've blocked 5028 ad requests and saved 128mb of data.

Deal probably expires soon when it hits Tuesday US time.


This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2016

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  • Appreciate the post, but does anyone have any reviews of this?

  • Might only be possible with a 28 degrees - tried via paypal (bank issued amex) and through my visa card and both got declined.

  • I use Netguard, github version.

    • Looks to be similar to Block It, where it works on a DNS level. According to their FAQ, it doesn't support chrome with data saver. Also with my previous experiences with block it, I would have to constantly toggle to allow for playstore app updates which got filtered out

      Probably possible if you knew which host to white list but for this price I just went with adguard.

      • It's a local VPN, so probably more similar to Ad Guard. It doesn't work on DNS, it uses a hosts list for ad-blocking (Github version only). The Play Store version doesn't support ad-blocking but you can buy it from there and switch to the Github version afterwards. I haven't had to disable it at all to use the Play Store. It's also a firewall. I can block apps from the net, and also see the domains they're trying to connect to.

        Ad Guard seems to do similar plus extra. It also filters HTML irrespective of browser (does it do this by creating a server locally and proxying your wifi to it, similar to Adblock Plus?). I use Firefox and uBlock for a similar effect. They have some filters on Github but I don't think the actual app is open source. I didn't care for subscription style payments (aside from the current sale).

  • So you need to have the VPN running all the time?

  • I got the premium paying using Paypal direct to my bank account and pay 7.07. Might try it on my windows PC as well, for a few dollars more.

  • What's the difference between AdGuard Pro on iOS and AdGuard Premium? :/

    • Essentially both the same product with same differences in what is being blocked.

      Adguard Pro for iOS at the moment is a one time purchase (like Lifetime) while on the Adguard Premium for Android is either a Monthly Subscription or lifetime for Premium

      • OK so it's cheaper to buy Adguard Pro at the moment seeing as it shows at $1.49 (USD?)?

        • Pro is only for iOS, it's not Transferable to Android

          However, Pro does work as a family share app :)

        • @teki n:

          Yeah guess so… well I bought one license for my Android phone, which I think will just have to do for now. :P

  • Uhm so can I transfer the license if I change my phone?

    • I would say so but can't see a written confirmation anywhere.

      The licence is granted through a code which you put in through the app. The app periodically checks the licence is valid and continues with full features. I can't see how they would tie it to a device.

    • Yes. You can unlink your old phone on their website and add the license key to your new phone.

  • I've been using the free browser extension for a while, and just started using the paid app. Highly recommended imho

  • Tried it for 30 mins and got sick of seeing "Your connection was interrupted

    A network change was detected.

    all the time so I went back to BlockThis which is free and open source. https://block-this.com

    Much better IMHO

    Also for users of this app - for the love of God people, do not inject untrusted CA certs into your device. This is a great way to have your bank account cleaned out.

    • I've never seen this error message before in all my use.

      Conversely for block this I had to periodically toggle it off to allow apps to update from the playstore or download data within an app.

      Whatever works best for your usage :)

  • This is nice little app and blocks all sort of ads. I have used trial version before and recommend it. $3.80 well spent…

  • Looks like its gone back to the usual price of $7.20 if you choose Russian Rubles.