Police and Onerous Trolley Fines?

I saw around 9 people get fined $1100 each, inside an hour, outside my local Woolworths today for taking the trolley outside of the store.

This is a migrant area so I don't know why Police are targeting it. The past few weeks they have been targeting jaywalking (with some stupid 20 meter rule, i.e. you walk outside the lines by 5 cm, and you'll be fined), but now they are targeting trolleys…

The one thing that jibbed me is that there is a system whereby there is someone paid in the community to pick up the trolleys. There is no auto-lock system for the trolleys.

The only exemption seems to be for parents who have children in their trolley and are taking it to their car. Otherwise the trolley must stay inside the store at all times…

NB: No I didn't get fined, but what happens to those who want to buy rice and take it home but don't have a car.

Bleh, I didn't expect this to go viral.

I just threw it out on ozbargain and didn't expect much of a conversation about it. In fact I don't really use the forum much at all…

The fine was actually $110 which people have already mentioned. The people were pushing the trolley from the shopping centre on one side of the road to the Woolworths on the other side.

i.e. If you parked at Woolworths and started shopping from the other centre and brought a non-Woolworths trolley from the other centre across to Woolworths then you were fined.

It was a bit controversial, but this definitely was happening.

No, it wasn't a shoplifting fine as I was standing there waiting for room at the restaurant next to it. If you pushed the trolley across the road without using the lights (happens almost all the time), that was another fine and a double whammy.

It was definitely a police officer and not a council ranger.


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    Shitheads who i see taking their trolleys home from the shops are just scum contributing to the dereliction of their area. Good on the police for fining them. It is stealing because:
    1. they dont have the right to take the trolleys out of that shopping area
    2. they have no intention of returning them


      Surely you can't make a skateboard out of the trolley

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      Some (profanity) dumped their trolley on my nature strip. I called the local Coles and told them about it. "Somebody will come by to pick it up within 24 hours". 2 days later, still there. I call up and tell them again, once more. Nobody picks it up. I call them on the weekend and tell them that I am going away for a week but I've placed the trolley against the fence in my front yard. It's safe but hidden. COme back from my flight and it's still there. I called up and was told that nobody was available to get it. By then it had been with me for 2 weeks. I waited one week more and 3 calls later, still nothing. It now shits in my shed and I use it as a wheel-barrow when I do my gardening.

      I did my best to have Coles come collect it (It's a fair walk away, I'd say about 45 minutes) but they didn't care.

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    I can't see how whether the area is concentrated with migrant is a factor. If there are rules that gives police the authority to enforce, then they should do it. Migrant concentrated area or not. It shits me to tears that the many people think rules are made to be broken and the enforcers are the 'bad guys'.

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      Agree… far too many "special" people.
      Common sense would tell anyone that trolleys are not meant to be taken home or dumped on the street.


    Isn't the whole point of a shopping trolley so that the customer can take the goods out of the store to their car?
    The main offenders I've seen dumping and abusing trolleys are housos ; if you think they are going to pay an $1100 fine, well then…

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    Living near a shopping centre I see trolleys, littering the road on a regular basis. You have no rights to take the trolley outside of the shopping centre, period.
    It wouldn't be so bad if people took them back, but this never happens.


      How would you define shopping centre? The op stated the store (which is bs imo and I think they're just trolling).


    Are you sure they're real police?
    They don't even "have time" to catch petty thief.. Why would they catching these people.

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    This is modern Australia for you, would fine people 1000 dollars, but ignore the fact trolley companies are not even paying min wage to the employees.
    McDonalds now pushing for 457 visas for burger flippers… unskilled workers in Australia are doomed.


      I hope you have more evidence backing up your claims than OP does.


        Couldn't google?

        SMH "Rates of pay were found to be below the legal minimums at 34 per cent of Woolworths sites audited."
        Canberratimes "United Voice's Stefan Russell-Uren said outsourced labour contracts left little fat for workers wages, and alleged that hourly rates of between $7 and $15 were paid to staff often vulnerable because of their limited English or education"


    "This is a migrant area"

    and? no free passes….


    About time! Rogue trolleys are a huge menace to society. A danger to cars, pedestrians and drunken idiots that take trolley rides down hills and end up in hospital. Such fines should be done EVERYWHERE!


    you're not for real are you?


    This is a migrant area so I don't know why Police are targeting it.

    Easier to target the poor & disenfranchised than an area that can afford to fight it (IE, Toorak, St Kilda, etc)

    It's poor form. So if you have a trolley full of groceries, how are you supposed to move them all to the car?


    OP must be laughing his head off at all the time that we have wasted commenting on something that never happened.