How to purchase from international Microsoft Store/Amazon?


I want to purchase a PC Forza Horizon code from an international online store.

It is currently USD 39.99 at both

Can anyone explain (or point me in the direction of) instructions for how to purchase so that I don't end up wasting ~$50?

Do I need a VPN, and is there anything else I need to consider?


Edit: I found the following guide on whirlpool which detailed everything I needed to know:


  • Not sure about MS, but Amazon you just need a US postal address. Choose a state with no sales tax and find the address of a hotel there.

  • Just sign up for free address to parcel forwarder.

  • With Microsoft store you just change your location to US. The issue is paying as it will sometime hassle with an Aus credit card. I will assume you are not wanting to purchase the physical game so the way I do it is to purchase Microsoft gift card from Amazon, then redeem it on the Microsoft store and use that credit to purchase the game. Just make sure your change your locality to the US store on your XBOX.

    Once installed it will download and update exactly the same as games you have purchased in the AU store.

  • I buy from Amazon US all the time. All Amazon sites globally are the same system. They all accept Aussie credit cards and addresses and you only need to sign up once and your account is available on all others.

    Only issue is if the seller has decided they will sell that item to Americans only. Then you need a US shipping address but its ok to keep your billing address as your real Aussie address for credit card verification.

    As this is an electronic purchase just pick any US address as a one off shipping address. And in a state that incurs no tax. 29 states are taxed, so check which ones arent.

  • The biggest issue I have is how to actually spend my Microsoft credit

    I have a credit balance but trying to select that credit as a payment option is frustrating to say the least!
    Usually I can only see Paypal as a payment option

    • You have to be in the correct Microsoft store, your credit may be in the US store so you would not see it if your are in the AU store and vice versa.

      • ahh ok thanks for that mate :) wasn't sure as I haven't been able to reliably select payment methods, wouldn't be an issue if the store credit didn't expire!