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60% off Everything Including Sale @ Reebok (Free Shipping over $100)


Just been notified of this via one of our affiliate networks. Reebok's best sale ever. 60% off everything on site. Apply coupon CHAMPION at checkout. Enjoy :)

We've increased cashback via Cashrewards to 8% (up from 5.5%) to Dec 31

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Reebok Australia
Reebok Australia

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    lol i bought a bunch of things at 40% dammit

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      buy again and return with old receipt?

      • almost all sizes sold out with the 40% off sale

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    Even at 60% off nothing tempting

    Ive got some stuff much cheaper from outlets and other sites while on sale

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      be real, there's plenty of really good stuff on there, particularly shoes. You can't get two pairs of leather Reebok Classics for $100 shipped anywhere in the world that cheap. Even the sale stuff is 60% off.
      As someone who goes to the US twice a year (and the Reebok outlet store at the worlds largest retial outlet 'Woodberry Commons' which 5 minutes down the street from my in law's house) as a sneaker aficionado I can tell you there are some unreal deals on shoes in this reebok sale.

      • -9

        You can't get two pairs of leather Reebok Classics for $100 shipped anywhere in the world that cheap.

        you can get them cheaper than $50 on amazon when they are on sale with the 20% - 30% off footwear deals plus free ship over $150

        No deal mate. Seems like your not a good bargain hunter

        Fortunately, i keep stocking up on cheap label clothing whenever there is a deal, so these sales do not appeal to me.

        Max i would pay for shoes (reputable brand) is $40 shipped

        • That's impressive…the closest I got to this was a casual Balance pair for $45 delivered. Where do you get yours for $40 max??

        • +2

          lol you're full of shit. Please provide evidence of anywhere that will give you a pair of leather Reebok classics for $50 shipped.

          These ones:

          Max you would pay $40 for a reputable brand is because you're a cheapo, not a bargain hunter.
          $40 nikes and adidas are the nikes that get sold at target and walmart/costco in the USA. They are 99% ugly unwanted stock junk.

          Go back to negging posts because you're too cheap to purchase any of the good quality sale items available in this deal.

        • +1

          @murphy84: Lol. You went too far mate. Everyone has their own choice and we should respect that. I got lot of stuff as well for family though checkout took a long time as items kept on going out of stock.

        • +2


          Mate this guy is well known for trolling on OzB with snide comments with no basis in reality.
          If the stuff is too expensive for him that's fine, but im not going to let him dribble crap like this when it's not true.
          'This sale doesn't interest me because..blah blah'. He just thinks it's overpriced. He even made up some garbage about amazon selling reebok classics for way cheaper. Complete BS.

          Plenty of good deals as you've seen for yourself (and the amount of upvotes it's garnered).

        • -1

          @easternculture: There were some cheap ones on Reebok sale as well and much better looking than these. Lets not be judgmental. I didnt negg you BTW.

        • @murphy84: Yea, I have got into that in the past for something he was saying that he was joking. But anyway, lets not get judgmental for others.
          I questioned few deals from TA or his actions, but never meant personally and looked at the deal itself. Getting famous sometimes is good and bad.

        • -1


          Just replying to murphy to prove you can get these cheaper than $50 a pair

        • @easternculture:

          Max i would pay for shoes (reputable brand) is $40 shipped

        • -2


          never said i would buy these. they are ugly

        • @easternculture:

          I didn't neg you but I agree that you were disingenuous in your statement and you couldn't back it up.

        • -2


          I don't need to prove anything to you or Murphy , as far as I'm concerned you can spend $100 on shoes , it doesn't really affect me at all.

          I do my research and buy label clothing for cheap, enough said

  • +5

    No iverson shoes what's the point

  • Nah ignore me all good

  • Only scum left.

  • And it would make sense asking my previous question if I realized it was rebook not nike.

  • Lame

  • not a whole lot of stuff in the mens section

  • +2

    Seems like it's the Reebok today then.

    • So, I get the feeling that in Australia we're the only folks to pronounce the e, at the end of Nike? Heard a shoe guy in a general sports store call them Nike while ago and the lady he was serving gave him a funny look. I've always known them as 'nikey'; this is incorrect.

      • +4

        That's not incorrect. Nike (Nikee, with the long E sound) is correct. It's named after the Greek Goddess of Victory, whose symbol was golden sandals.

  • +6

    Site is so slow! :(

  • +2

    furylites in my size are a steal for under $30. not my favourite shoe but for something i can throw on when i'm running around, totally worth it. Thanks OP!

    • $22.80 plus $10 shipping, to be exact. bargain.

      • +1

        buy a bunch to get over the $100 free ship then return for $0 shipping!

      • Which ones are $22.80

  • Site is down for me :(

  • +3

    oops forgot 8% cashback at CR :(

    • +3

      if you use chrome install the cashrewards extension - it's so annoying you can't forget

  • I might think about spending some $$$ on their site if everything are 80% off.

  • +1

    Getting internal error now

  • +11

    I think they can afford this sale after cutting costs on their website hosting

    • Yeah, the error page keeps poping up

      • Poorly written card skimmer with a memory leak :O

  • 8% cashback with cashrewards?

    • Why didn't TA mention that?

      • +1

        Store reps are restricted to 2 posts a week by default, but can get it up to 3 or 4 if they get enough votes. Mentioning CR would make it a store rep post.

  • their website is dying .

  • +1

    Looks like it's free shipping over $100 before discount..
    Found some shoes for my twins, and shorts for hubby! Thanks TA!

  • +2

    Can someone please start a GoFundMe page so the lads at RebookAU can upgrade their website?

  • +3


  • +1

    lol site crashed

  • +1

    Thanks TA

  • +2

    RIP Reebok Australia.
    on a more serious note, why no pump furys or pumps
    where is the love

    • +1

      Have wanted some pumps since I was a kid…35 now and still haven't realised the dream :(

  • +5


    We’ll be back soon!

    We’re sorry we are currently experience high traffic. We are beefing up our servers. Please come back by 5:30PM to continue shopping. If you need to you can always contact us.

    — Reebok Web Admin

    • lol … being ozbargained

      • Their website keep showing this in the past a few days. Even I just finished regist, then I can not log in…

  • +1

    Looks like the site it officially down. I went till payment, clicked on proceed button to complete the order and on the next page it said the website is down. Damn!

    • Me too, after typed CC infor , confirm the order and clicked on proceed button, the website crashed.
      But I reviced Reebok order confirmation by email 5min later.

      "Thanks for visiting the Reebok Store!

      To track the progress of your order, you can visit your My Account page and go to Order Status, this will provide up to date information on the processing of your order.

      When your order has been shipped you will receive an Order Dispatch Notification containing an Australia Post tracking number which you can use to track your order.

      If you have any questions about your order, please contact a member of the Reebok team on 1800 BUY REEBOK (1800 289 733) or [email protected]"

      Looks like the order has been reveived.

      • Thanks. I checked my mail and got the same email. Looks like the order has gone through. The shoes I purchased were $60 but I was not charged for postage. :-)

        • Looks like it's free shipping over $100 for the price before discount.

          So your $60 Should be $150 and over $100. :)

  • RIP

  • +6

    In case it hasn't been mentioned before, the current distributor of Reebok in Australia - True Alliance - is losing the agency for the brand from 1st January. From that date forward, the owners of Reebok - the Adidas Group will take over the distribution.

    • +3

      What are the implications of this change?

      • No 60% off deals probably

  • Now this a great deal!! Thanks OP.

  • +1

    site down :(

  • Ozbargained!!

    We’ll be back soon!

    We’re sorry we are currently experiencing high traffic. We are beefing up our servers. Please come back by 5:30PM to continue shopping. If you need to you can always contact us.

    — Reebok Web Admin

  • +2

    Site is back up

    • someone offered a CPR. lol.

  • +1

    Kitted out in UFC; noice.

    Free postage even though the discount put me under $100; noice.

    Thanks OP.

    • The $100 minimum for free shipping might be the cart amount before discount?

      • +1


  • Thanks order a pair of shoe for my nephew for 19.60 delivered

    • Yes, just right above the "Size"

  • Thanks OP bought few..:)

  • I added a pair of crossfit 6.0's to my cart when my size was available. In the 2 mins it took me to browse the other shoes, the shoe sold out. I went to checkout and it said that my product was no longer available. Doesn't the reebok online store hold your order for a couple minutes until you checkout?

    • no, it doesn't
      you got to be quick - especially it's mentioned in OzBargain.

      • Buy first Think later *
      • It actually kept the pair of shoes I ordered in cart, complete with previous "CELEBRATE" code for nearly a week. The style I picked went in and out of stock in my selected size several times.

  • Thanks TA managed to get some good shoes great buy with free delivery

  • Any free shipping codes we can stack ala New Balance sale? :D

  • The web site seems to be down.

  • Big discount, still no deals.

  • Managed to find a lot of stuff for myself (female S) and the whole family (male M, kids) - thanks!

  • Got too many shoes recently from all of these sale!

  • Thanks op

  • +1

    Think I read somewhere in the previous deal that someone got the difference refunded to them?

    Has anyone who bought at 40% off tried to contact Reebok about claiming the difference? I work remotely so limited access/time to make the call. My order just got processed today. :(

    • +1

      Just searched the previous deal, the OP contacted customer service and managed to claim the difference back. I'm going to do the same and see how I get on - sizable purchase. :(

      • Let us know how it goes. In the same situation.

        • Emailed through to the reebok online email that was attached to my order confirmation, straight after my post last night and I already received a response this morning.

          All they asked was that I sent through my order confirmation and that they'll then refund me the difference. Happy camper over here.

          Side note, definitely a great deal and even at 40% I was very happy with what I could find - I'm very commonly sized too, M-L, 32 waist, size 10 shoe.

        • @db87:

          Nice! Could you give me the email you used? I also sent them an email (through their 'contact us' online) and got a completely different answer. What did you say in your email?
          Maybe I just contacted the wrong people.

          Thanks in advance!

        • +2


          Sent you a PM. Dunno if you're PMs are set to receive from others, but I had to activate mine.


        • @db87: Hi!
          I have also received a response saying no refund of price difference.
          Can you please send me a PM too please? :)

        • @lildinmui:

          PM sent.

          thumbs up

        • @db87:
          Hi there,

          Could you please PM me the email as well? (I've already set to receive PMs.)

          I've also got this problem and their representative won't refund the difference. I've really spent a lot last time so hopefully I can use your email as a way to get myself something back.


        • @db87:

          Please PM the email you used.


        • @lildinmui:

          Have you received the email from db87? Would you mind forward me one as well?


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