Legit Board Game Site?

Hey all,
Has anyone used I did some basic research on it and I can't find anything for or against it. As far as I can tell it's relatively new and used to be a game rental website but that closed down a while ago. I couldn't find any contact details or social media details which makes me EXTREMELY nervous though. Any thoughts?

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    Send them a message, they might reply with details.
    My take is, their price looks OK, but not startling, and they take Paypal.
    Scam sites usually have dramatically good pricing, and want you to pay via strange mechanisms with poor buyer protection.
    So if they had something I wanted I would take the risk.

    Edit: The domain is registered to GEOSHIFT PTY LTD ACN 607194918 which don't show up in the ABN registry - a concern, so maybe I wouldn't!

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    No contact details, no social media pages linked (which is a bit strange in this day and age), and the ABN issues mskeggs listed… probably best to avoid


    Yeah, I saw the ABN issue. I've been burned by Games Paradise before so I'm not willing to purchase without some assurances. If I do it, I'll be paying via PayPal so I can reverse the transaction if needed.


    Just an update, we bit the bullet and purchased a game we couldn't find anywhere else and it arrived today. Their email customer service was quite good and the postage was fast, so I'm pretty happy!


    Definitely legit. I just received my order. Ordered on Friday morning and received today(Monday) so super fast. Cool custom packaging.


    Just had a look at their link here and they're currently banned for sockpuppeting. I spend a shirtload on boardgames, so that's not great for trust levels.

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