Veda Removed My Access To Their Website After Requesting Free Copy Online (Once A Week - Ten Times)

Hi guys,

I regularly checked my credit score in (almost once a week and at least 10 times) without any problem. Last week I ordered my free credit report copy from Veda and the next day they started to call me on my phone trying to sell me one of their products.

I said I was uninterested, thanks… now they have somehow removed the access to their website so that is no longer reporting my score!

Has any one ever had a similar problem?

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    From their FAQ:

    The service allows you to request your VedaScore twice in one month. You can do this every month until we start providing you with monthly updates.

    Which I infer to mean: Twice a month at first, then once a month once you are on our mailing list.


      Great, thanks. I hope this means they will send me one update every month or at least show my score when I request it through the form in their website. Otherwise I need to pay Veda :(

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        Can I just ask under what circumstance do you need to check your credit report multiple times per month? Even monthly seems excessive? I work in the banking industry and can't really think why…


          Applied for a few credit cards and wanted to keep updated on how they affect the rating.


    I attempted this once and got nothing other than the same spam phone call about being upsold - the "free" info was never provided.

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      I never answer unknown phone numbers, then google it to see if it mattered.


        I usually do the same, but this number was actually showing (03 - 82 56 67 15). I mistook it for a call from HSBC, which I was expecting.


          I almost told my bank to get stuffed a few days ago, the waffly intro to the conversation had me thinking it was Wyndham Estates from a similar 03 number…

          Don't worry though, Wyndham did get thru to me for a few seconds a couple of days later before I hung up on them… :/


    Aren't you suppose to only receive a free report once every 6 months? Once a week for 10 weeks is a bit too many…


      Nah you can check online through an intermediary website round the clock. Your rating won't change in a matter of months (can only decrease in a split second if you apply for a credit card) I agree.

      The only reason I was checking frequently was that I was applying for multiple cards and was anxious to see if each application had progressively larger impact (which had, and changes to credit rating were instant).


    Greedy and dominating Yanks with little respect for privacy rules! Glad we stopped Turnbull from selling the Asic database!


    GetCreditScore have a "Contact Us" link on their web site. Perhaps you could try asking them if maybe they've accidentally switched off your credit score access, and could they please switch it on again?

    Their whole strategy at the moment revolves around giving out free credit scores (to build awareness in the community about credit scores), so it seems counter-productive for them to intentionally hide it from you.

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