Cashrewards eBay 2% Promotion Revert Back to 1.25%

Hi guys,
Recently cashrewards have a promotion where they offered 2% rebate on ebay purchases. I've made the a few purchases on that day, the sale was tracked and it show up on my account.
Initially, the rebate amount was correctly track at 2% but a few days ago it revert back to the 1.25%. I've contacted cashrewards about this but they want me to show an invoice from ebay/paypal (no idea why!!)
Anyone else experiencing this issue?

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  • I also ordered quite a few things on 11 Dec, the day of 2%
    got tracking emails for items I did not buy @ 2%
    got tracking emails for the items i did buy @ 2%
    no emails received reverting to 1.25% (haven't checked CR account though)

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    Hi all.

    Last night the team performed its regular processing of eBay sales for updates & returns, and noticed some sales incorrectly reverted to the default cashback rate. A patch has just implemented to fix this for all affected users. We apologise for this minor glitch.

    Please always feel free to reach out to our customer service team with any issues.

    On behalf of the entire team, we hope you and your families have a safe and happy festive season. TA.