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Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD for PC $20.39AU @ Square Enix Shop


FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster celebrates two of the most cherished and beloved entries to the world-renowned franchise, completely remastered in gorgeous High Definition & now available on PC / Windows!

Platform: PC Download
Developer: SQUARE ENIX
Publisher: SQUARE ENIX
Languages: Audio: Japanese|English Subtitles: Japanese|English|French|Italian|German|Spanish|Traditional Chinese|Korean

Was $17AU at time of posting, but Stingy Enix raised the price to $20.39AU. Currently on sale @Steam for $17.99USD (~$25AUD) so still cheaper to buy through SE but not cool sudden price change.
Code via email redeemed on Steam.

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  • Thanks op:)

  • +3

    Amazing game! you must play it!

    • +3

      Yeah it's a good game, worth full price imo.

      Not for everyone though, just that style of game.

      Worth trying it out, great story, great gameplay and hundreds of hours of things to do (if you like to grind out end game content)

    • +1

      Best one in the series. 15 years still good compare to even FFX 13 and 15.

      I recalled I play this day and night during my teen years. The only game could do that along with persona 4 in 2008. No other game got my this addicted.

      Spent about 200 hours completing everything. Still feeling the good old times of gaming.

      Not getting thrilled so much these days

  • any idea if this can be play with NUC? i am a bit worry about the built in video card on my NUC.. any advise?

    • +3

      It will be at best, a terrible visual experience.

  • Lowest price it's been on Ozb. +positive'd and bought

  • recommended requirements:

    Windows Vista or later
    2.4GHz quad-core CPU
    2 GB RAM
    NVIDIA Geforce GTX 450 / AMD Radeon HD 5750 with 512MB
    Harddisk space:
    40 GB available space

  • +1

    I played all the PS1 era Final Fantasy games which were incredible, and the FFXIII series which I found underwhelming. I completely skipped the PS2 era of Final Fantasy so considering buying this. Was the PC port any good? Thoughts on playing with mouse and keyboard?

    • Port was fine but the game does feel a little aged now. It is a great game though and worth the play through. I wouldn't consider 10-2 a must play though.

    • There are lots of similarities between Final Fantasy X/X-2 and the FFXII series, so I'm not sure if you would like X/X-2 without the nostalgic factor backing you up.

    • Like you, FF13 was the first Final Fantasy game I gave up on mid-way through and could never go back to. I have the 13 collection on Playstation discs when they were on clearance/sale ages ago and I still haven't touched them. One day maybe.

      FFX was decent, X-2 was a little meh.

      However, if you can get your hands on FF12 (1) there's a remaster coming next year or (2) an original PS2 disc which you can run on PC using PCSX2 - then I'd strongly recommend that you give that a go. Opinions vary but it's my favourite of the bunch.

      • Seconded. FFXII is my favourite of the series too

  • It kept asking for my country of residence and Australia is not on the list… Anyone else having the same problem?

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    It's showing up as $20 AUD for me, anyone else getting it?

    • +1

      looks like most of the prices on games for this sale with SE have gone back up a little bit.
      I checked this morning and thought I would wait to see what happened through other stores… stupidly :(

  • To buy or to not buy…

    I mean, I've even got a Kimari build I love to test.

  • Any idea why I can't use my 20% off code from the mystery box for this?

    The link provided with the code opens a page that includes this product, but when putting the code in, I get the message "This code is invalid for those products".

    EDIT: Code isn't valud until Jan 2017 ~_~

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    comes up as 20.39 for me. hows the port to pc? a lot of ports like this mess it up big time. Might pull the trigger on this if the ports good

    • +2

      played it my self right up till the last cloyster trail then gave up cause they annoy me, ran superb on a GTX 960

    • $20.39 on the Square store now, it's $17.99 on the Steam sale - http://store.steampowered.com/app/359870/

      • it's $17.99US on steam so roughly ~$25AU

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    This deal makes you wanna, AHAHAHAHAHA !! https://youtu.be/bF4T9TSwxAo


  • price change made me change my mind

  • +2

    Bought it for PS4. Can definitely say it's a worthwhile purchase. X-2 is only for when you've got nothing better to play. I'm up to the side quests now and my wife has officially started sleeping in a seperate room due to this game. :P

    • Funny comment. So you played too much and annoy your wife to sleep seperately not good for marriage? Lol

  • the price have gone up a bit :(

  • +3

    This isn't the best price they've lowered to, it was $9 USD during the Black Friday sales. I would hold onto my money until it goes lower.

  • I keep getting defaulted back to the EU store when I try to switch to Australia. Anyone else having this issue?

    • https://store.eu.square-enix.com/au/ not working for you? (try an incognito session if not)

      • I think its because of my ISP (MyRepublic) can get to it on my phone via 4g but then i hook it to the wifi and i'm forced into the Europe store.

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