Final Fantasy 15 / XV - how's the story?

Contemplating getting this game. Just wondering how engaging is the story?

Games that I liked due to their amazing story telling

  1. Mass Effect series
  2. Last of Us
  3. Bioshock Infinite
  4. Battlefield 1
  5. Final Fantasy 10

Games like GTA are fun, but I won't say that the story is as engaging that keeps me wanting to play the next chapter.

Any insights & thoughts on FF XV?


  • I am still early in the game, but the story so far is quite engaging. You should get your hands on Kingsglaive the movie because it tells the story leading to the Final Fantasy XV. There is also Final Fantasy XV "Brotherhood" anime, which similarly with the game, tells the story of Prince Noctis and his three friends.

  • The elements are interesting but the story ultimately is disappointing but only because they setup too much expectations. However the presentation of the game is a big strong point, it's unlike anything out there.

  • The story is good and had a lot of potential but the way it was presented was disappointing and felt very rushed. Some crucial cutscenes I would've liked to seen in the game were missing, although I've read that Square Enix have plans of adding more cutscenes with future patches.

    The game is fun but for a Final Fantasy game, I'd say it is disappointing but still worth checking out.

  • I've finished the game and I thoroughly enjoyed the story.

    A few tips is to ensure you watch Kingsglaive either before you play the game, or if you want it to fit in and play a bit of the game before watching it and fit it more, watch it right before you're about to board a boat at the end of chapter 1.

    The Brotherhood anime is also good to watch before starting the game, it gives some backstory for the 4 group of friends and a tiny bit of the story, it's good for some backstory and to get involved in the characters. It's free on YouTube so also a bonus :)

    I think without watching Kingsglaive the story may make a little less sense, I found it very helpful for knowing crucial parts of the story.

    Overall the game was fun, it gets very story driven after chapter 7 when you pretty much depart from the open world.

    Overall I really liked the game as a whole (Chapter 13 maybe not my favourite) but overall I found the story really good and had an emotional and great finale.