Broadway Computers MELB - Disgusting Customer Service

For a XMas present/surprise for a mate, I needed to get a replacement battery laptop, and found Broadway the only place with pick up stock locally so I could have it wrapped up for XMas day.
Emailed them and they advised due to their use of dark ages technology, they do not have stock in City branch and could not get stock sent from Reservoir branch, even if I agreed to pay costs.

Emailed Fri 23rd asking about opening hours and was told will be open 9-6 Mon-Sat, closed only pub Holidays.
Visited their Reservoir branch the following day(Sat), and found the place closed, even after they confirmed in email they would be open, only hours earlier.

Needless to say I was pissed, and emailed them advising that I was indeed pissed, and I would still be willing to do business with them if they showed some goodwill. Today they emailed advising they are not prepared to show any goodwill in any way shape or form, so I am forced to source the battery elsewhere.

In this day and age I find it incredible that a business can conduct themselves in this fashion and not expect any sort of backlash.

Anyways, long story short, Broadway Computers Melbourne has shown disgusting customer service, and I recommend people to avoid this place.
The funny this is their slogan is "They put Customers first".

Rant done, shop elsewhere…….

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    So what was their reason for being closed?


      Simply they decided to knock off early. Yes, thats is what they said…..


        How early may I ask?


    I understand the pain , let it go..
    Karma will take care of them..BREATHE :) Happy 2017

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    I'm going to put it to you that most businesses wont go to out of their way to 'help' a customer on a single purchase of a laptop battery.

    What is the price of the battery? $50? $100?

    How much are they making? a few bucks?

    Meh. Even if you buy a high price item, its an important day to you, to them, its Tuesday.

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      The old saying of a happy customer will tell 3 people, an unhappy one will tell 7 no longer applies, and I think some companies have not grasped that.
      Yes, a low cost item and low profit I am sure, but not making any effort to negotiate something that would ensure I shopped with them is the crappy part.
      I am over it, and have sourced it elsewhere, but it was a hassle for me to get their to find them closed.

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        I'm sure they will survive without the $5 they were going to make off you.

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          Yeah no one cares about word of mouth.

          Put it like this, how many people buy cars and end up complaining about them?

          The IT retail industry such as it is, thrives on poor customer service.

          Lets put it like this, you had a good retail experience with some other company, do we hear about that?

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    dlf73 you should have pulled your finger out earlier and bought sooner rather than leaving it to the last minute, then blaming someone else for your inability to plan ahead.

    Your perceived entitlement makes you believe you can bully little shops on the internet so you get what you want is, just sad :/

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      Know the facts before you make a dill out of yourself:
      I was told only a day before about my mates battery issue, so I had no control over timing of it.

      As far as the bullying comment, in what way. They messed up and I 'asked' if they would show some good will. They chose not too, so I am alerting people to poor customer service.

      I think someone has got their finger somewhere it needs to be taken out of…….

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        Ahh so you only posted half the tale, typical angry customer, still you left it too late but on the upside your "friend" didn't have the disappointment of getting a battery for Christmas…what next a usb cable?

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          Agreed. What kind of a tight arse gets their friends a battery?

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          When my dad had a pc shop when I was little a lady rang Christmas day on a "business emergency line" and told my father she wanted a keyboard because her sons was broken, he politely told her unless she wanted to pay 180 a hour for him to drive get it and deliver he would not be leaving his Christmas for that.

          She came to his shop and stood out the front telling customers how evil my father was.

          She was crazy…

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        They messed up and I 'asked' if they would show some good will.

        Aka demand/threatened. Retail customer language.

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    Did I seriously just waste 5 minutes reading this rant

    OP didn't plan ahead and place knocked off early, meh

    Nothing to see hit, you're extremely arrogant and irrational in reply here
    If I ran a store like that I would tell you to get lost.

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      How can you say I did not plan ahead. Found out the need for the battery late Thursday, emailed store on Friday and they said would be open till 6 on Sat. Visited on Sat and was closed. How on earth could I have planned any more ahead?

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        Christmas Rush, knew opening hours and early knockoffs are the case at most locations
        Drop the attitude mate, you messed up, you got stung
        Move on, crying here isn't going to change the fact

        1. you could of simply ordered it earlier
        2. you could have asked the store for better times / even got them to have someone stay back and help you

        Coming on here yelling and screaming at people is really childish, sorry but I am done talking to you


        Open till 6pm on a Saturday? that seems odd.

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    You probably would've got a lot more sympathy if you had dialed the language back a bit.

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      Countdown to OP turning into Disabled User 74518 begins now…


    What sort of "good will" do/did you see as suitable in this situation OP?

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      I would love to know this too.
      What exactly did OP think was an appropriate display of goodwill and did OP suggest anything in particular?
      I can only imagine what he demanded would be appropriate recompense.




    What time did you get there on the Saturday?


      This question has been asked multiple times and the poster had not answered. It's kind of a defining question for Xmas Eve trading.

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        The absence of time in the OP makes me think it was most likely in the arvo.

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    Surprise surprise they knocked off early on Saturday, Christmas Eve. I would too!

    Gotta agree with the others here, you are being unreasonable.

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    So, forgive me if I misunderstand. But OP tried to blackmail the shop into getting something for free, didn't get it, so is now whinging online (I assume in the hope that they'll give him something for nothing). Did I get it right

    First world problems. How dare they knock off a bit early in Christmas Eve. Bah humbug

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    Are you sure the battery was a Christmas Present for a Mate? Check his post from a few months back…

    dlf73 on 07/10/2016 - 21:45 new
    Thanks man, just what I thought re play and go.
    Laptop has a dud battery so that's a no go for me, but thanks for the idea!


      aw, snap!

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    You got served


      And his suddenly his totally disgusting service went away amazing… Seems Christmas and New Year bring out the worst.

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    I've had great dealings with the reservoir store. This rant does not reflect my experience.