Telstra Contract - What Happens When NBN Comes to My Area?

We are due to get NBN in February and was considering getting rid of our foxtel in lieu of Netflix.

I found today that Telstra has a 24 month contract for 1000Gb net, foxtel plus home phone.

We currently pay $75 for internet and $125 for foxtel (we don't use home phone). So the deal is good but, what happens when we get NBN? Will I be locked into a contract with ADSL??

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    You can check your address there for specific "what is gonna happen" but it does say that services will be switched off after 18 months so you can probably "switch" to a new nbn contract with telstra but you will probably have to pay a penalty if you switch to a different carrier like iinet.

    Personally I think its best to call them

    Also as for foxtel see below:

    If you subscribe to Foxtel Pay TV and it’s provided over satellite or Telstra Cable, it will not be switched off as part of the nbn™ rollout. If you access any Foxtel services via the internet (for example, through an Xbox 360/PC/tablet/smartphone/smart TV), you will need an internet connection in line with Foxtel’s minimum requirements.

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    When the NBN is switched over, you will get a new modem (most likely vdsl2) and your contract will continue as normal
    the contract changeover will be free however you wont get the ability to break it without penalty as the medium of how you get the internet is the only change.

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    If you don't renegotiate, the default is for them to move you over from ADSL to NBN on the same plan and same price.

    Call Telstra NBN on 1800TFIBRE.
    Since you're on $75 internet, I'd say it's probably easy for you to recontract with them at $99 (1000GB, Foxtel + Home Phone) for 24 months, regardless of whether you're on existing contract or not.


    Thank you

    I know we aware scexhuled to get NBN in 1 month and Friend who has it, pays alot less for a lot more regarding net so I am very reluctant to lock in if I'll still have to pay those prices.

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    $125 for TV with ads is a good deal?


    If you leave before the forced change over to NBN, they can charge you an exit fee.
    If you leave when you are forced to change, you -should- have the option to go to whatever you want since the change is being forced on you.

    In my circumstances, I was forced to change and I was able to exit my contract and go to another ISP without any charge.
    You'll need to check the fine print in what you've signed though.

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    By the time NBN gets to my area, I'll be out driving my flying car & I'll have to let my robot butler sort out my interwebz for me…


    Very good chance you'll have to pay for your connection to get changed over to the new network as someone has to connect you, I'm not sure where your at but you'll either have Fiber to the Premise, Fiber to the Node, Fiber to the basement, Fiber to the curb or Fixed Wireless. Cost will vary to my knowledge depending on what you need. Your old contract should be able to move straight over to a new better deal if you see fit without facing penalty unless you signed up to some strange deal at the time.

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