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$150 off on All Koala Mattresses Plus Free Delivery - Single $500, King Single $600, Double $700, Queen $800, King $900


Koala Mattress are currently running a new year's promotion on their site.

They've got a 4 hour delivery window and the risk-free 120 night trial sounds too good to pass up. They'll come and pick up the mattress free of charge (non rural areas), so there's nothing to lose.

The review's look decent too

No expiry date specified but the code looks like it will only last during the new year holidays.

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    That's their normal price. They always have a $150 discount code

    • i only got mine for $75 off last year :(

  • Ok we can't afford $5k mattress but we feel $1,500 to $2,000 is a reasonable for a good quality queen size, therefore this koala at $800 indeed raise a suspicious.

    Are those reviews real or paid ones?
    Are this brand more to the soft side or firm type of mattress?

    • I was reading the reviews earlier. The general consensus say it's more on the softer side. I'm not sure if the reviews have been incentivised or not. General feedback regarding returns was only an issue if you live a rural area, otherwise it was a hassle free return.

      Their FAQ did say you had to hold the mattress for a minimum of 14 days before you can return it.

      • Some reviews were incentivised in the past, but I don't know if they still are. I was asked for a review (purchased ~3 weeks ago) but was offered no incentives.

    • I have a queen one and it was delivered for 800. They always have these discounts so no need to rush it just create an account throw it into your cart and don't buy it. You'll be receiving discount codes in no time.

      The mattress itself is good, I will agree it's a little soft but definitely firm enough. Apparently the sleeping duck ones are firmer but don't breathe as well.

      Delivery was amazing too, ordered it in the morning and had it same say 8pm.

  • +3

    Very suss looking reviews…. lots of positive reviews on December 22… whats that all about?

    • -1

      Some free time at the end of the working year to finally do that product review they've been meaning to?

  • So if I return the mattress during the 120 trial period, will they repackage that for sale to another customer as brand new? I've always wondered what they do with returned items and what the law stipulates.

    • I'm sure that they just don't get that many returns, who can be bothered. Unless mine were terrible I wouldn't return it.

      They couldn't resell it or even give the mattress away if returned I'd imagine, it'd just be destroyed.

      • I've read some reviews. Apparently they make you keep it for at least 30 days before they will refund your money, then they send the salvos in to pick it up.

        • We bought one back towards the start of the year, and it was defective (never 'inflated' to its full size, was always somewhat compressed) so we contacted them for a replacement. Once we got confirmation that it was going ahead (sent photos and explained what was wrong with it) a replacement arrived 2 days later.
          They stated that normally if someone returns a mattress they donate it (so the Salvos thing lines up there) but since it was defective that they'd dispose of it instead, once they figured out how to pick it up. They never got back to us, so we've just dumped it into a spare bedroom, works well for when the kids have a sleepover.

  • I purchased one a couple of months ago and have just returned it. It is super soft and comfy but unfortunately gave me low back pain.

    Returning it was easy - Salvos collected it and I believe it then goes to someone in need.

    Just made up the Greywing ready for first sleep on it tonight!

    • I don't think it's too soft when you're laying - sitting or standing on it, etc where the weight isn't distributed, sure it's soft. But laying down it seems ok for me (~73kg). Soft, yes, and I like a firm mattress, but it's soft and okay to me.

      I did have some aching when I started with it, but my old mattress was giving me pains too, and I don't think my 3 weeks is long enough of an adjustment period to tell. Hopefully I feel better in the coming weeks.

      Can you post a follow up about how your Greywing goes after a few weeks? Or PM etc?

      • I'm likely to forget an update so feel free to PM me in a few weeks to see how the Greywing is going! First 2 nights have been great - all aches and pains developed with Koala have already resolved.

  • +2

    Can you really call this a discount? It's just free advertising for them as they always have $150 off.

    • +1

      Yep, the company behind this know all the marketing tricks. The product itself isn't anything special. They've put a lot more effort into their marketing.

  • Any one tried Ecosa/Greywing/OzMattress/Sleeping Duck/Hugo mattresses instead?
    A lot of Koala reviews are paid (They offer a $25 Coles gift card for people to give a good review)

    • I got a Koala a about 3 weeks ago, haven't received an offer of payment for review - just a request to review. I think they may have stopped their incentives for reviews/"unboxing videos" - otherwise I'm just unlucky and missing out? :P

    • I bought a king size Ecosa two month ago. It was OK initially but then I realized that I developed a bad lower back pain in the mornings. I think the mattress is to firm and does not comply with your body shape properly. I ordered an Ergoflex instead last week which I received it the following day (great service). I have had three good night sleeps so far, but should give it more time. Will be returning the Ecosa defenitely.

  • I've just gone for a Sleeping Duck after weeks of deliberating. Must have read a 1000 reviews and the verdict seems to be that you just can't beat the build quality, customer service and comfort of a Sleeping Duck.

    Incidentally I believe today is their last day of free delivery and a $100 off.

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