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Belkin Wemo LED Smart Bulb Starter Kit (2 Bulbs + Hub) $54 | Belkin Wemo LED Bulb $15.90 @ Bunnings ($51.3/ $15.1 Price Beat OW)


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  • Good job op - happy new year to you!

  • I bought my belkin wemo from OW for $60 - I am on the fence with my decision. The app just sucks….I've been trying to update the firmware for a month with no success. It is just stuck on downloading - which prevents me from turning off my lights remotely. So beware that the app is atrocious.

    • Did u try uninstalling the app, that worked for me. Mind u I've had to do it a few times.

    • Yeah the app is buggy. I sometimes find the android app works and the iPad doesn't, then reverse happens.

    • Same problem, had to reset the Wemo hub force app to stop and clear data then uninstall and re-install. also did a reset on the bulbs.
      I ignore all updates now, they just don't work.
      On a positive note I hooked it up via IFTTT to my Google Home works great and directly to mt Nest Thermostat.
      When Google Home and Wemo have native integration will switch to that.
      All I need is more Gym visits as soon I wont have to leave my recliner.

  • Bulbs are still $16 at Hardly Normal

  • So why do these bulbs need a hub, but other bulbs like LIFX bulbs do not?

    • I believe its better to have one hub taking only 1 wifi spot instead of each bulb taking up a lot of spots?

    • Just the architecture of the system, hub and spoke (Wemo, Hue)

    • The hub is a WiFi to Zigbee gateway, the hub talks to bulbs with Zigbee protocol.

  • Can the hub be used elsewhere, say Hong Kong if I have applicable adapter?

  • +1 vote

    Do people find the bulbs in the starter kits bright enough? Says 60w equivalent but I'm more of a 75w person.

  • Can these be used with Apple HomeKit?

  • I bought a wemo maker the other day and wired it to a tap solenoid and 24V adapter. Instant intergration of my pop up sprinklers into my home automation. It's great because i can set a schedule for the sprinklers from my phone (much more advanced than any tap timer), and I can also activate it instantly from my phone as well as voice control it from my Amazon Alexa. The Makers are incredibly useful. A wifi enabled tap timer did not exist in this country with our tap fitting sizes, unless you went for a full on irrigation multi zone control station for $500+ (and useless for a lawn as small as mine). The whole setup up cost me less than $100 which is cheaper than most tap timers.

    • Excellent idea. I've got one on my garage door in case I forget to close it in the morning. As a side note, a few weeks ago it notified me because it was open… it turned out my car was being stolen. It didn't help me prevent it or recover it, but at least I was able to pin point a time which may help the police.

      • OpenSprinkler (https://opensprinkler.com/) here for Sprinkler control (we have 6 zones) - not (yet) well integrated into IFTTT, but there are bindings for OpenHAB which i'm working on setting up. Having said that, the Android app and built in scheduling are pretty powerful.

        For Garage, using GoGoGate (https://gogogate.com) - pretty decent Android app, and has IFTTT bindings…

    • Thanks for the idea as we have our solenoid connected to an ordinary timer at the moment but can be a pain to set etc. Just curious if we could achieve the same by plugging the 24v adapter into a Wemo switch or does the wemo maker offer more functionality?

      • Wemo switch allows you to put a sensor into the lawn to measure moisture levels if you want, so the sprinklers don't turn on if it rains. But you could sue a switch and directly wire it to the 24V AC adapter.l for basic functionality. I was originally going to leave the maker outside In a lunch box and solar power it, but creating a chargeable battery/solar power rig would have been too much of a pain in the ass, so I ran the power through my roof. A switch would have worked in this case.

        • You mean the Maker allows the use of a sensor.

          I was going to suggest that, but I guess being an internet connected solution, you could just check online if it rained.

  • do note that wemo led bulbs was discontinued by belkin last October.

    bought a couple of wemo bulbs to pair with alexa but installing alexa's wemo skill to control link(bridge) does not work for non-USA wemo links. yonomi alternative is a hit and miss.. after installing 4+ bulbs the belkins wemo app(android) can't control all bulbs even alternative wemoleds apk is slow to respond(maybe because of the bridge). alternative smartthings or wink hub as a bridge will work better.

    controllng via iftt works but only tested on a single bulb as i was put off by alexas "trigger" command and "sending that to iftt" prompts.


    • I was thinking about getting a smart things hub. Does it remove the 'trigger' voice command to make them native or do I have to say 'tell smart things to'. Also can I intergrate a hue switch to a wemo bulb with the smart things hub? The sole advantage of Wemo bulbs over Hue is that Wemo is mich brighter.

      • still waiting for an aus smarthings as zwave frequency will be different overseas. disable zwave and zigbee peripherals like the wemo bulb should work just fine. wemo bulbs are around $15-19 at the moment but new philips hue/lifx white is around $40.

        i asked bunnings last week for bulb availability and only lidcombe stocks 4+ of single bayonet. bought also a couple of light switches that i still have to setup.

    • Wait what? If I get an Amazon echo from states, this WeMo starter kit won't work with it?

  • Just notice:
    Switch and motion kit is cheaper than just switch by itself.
    $49 https://www.bunnings.com.au/belkin-wemo-switch-and-motion-ki...
    $62.90 https://www.bunnings.com.au/belkin-wemo-switch_p4420346
    So tempted, just no idea yet where to put it.

  • I'm interested in whether the current Wemo offerings suffer from a flaw that I found in one of their first offerings. If there was a wireless access point within range of the device during the initial configuration/pairing, which contained a comma (or some other non-alphabetic characters) in its SSID, the device wouldn't successfully connect to any wireless network.

    I tried to have Belkin address the flaw, however their response was effectively "just use alphabetic characters in SSIDs". Hard to impose that on all your neighbours.

    • My main wireless network is called πŸ’©. My Wemos connect to another access point using a different SSID, but the πŸ’© network would be in range.

  • The guys at officeworks almost lost their minds. I have like 6 of these lights now lol.

  • Bulbs are down to $15.90 from $17.90 now ($15.10 via Officeworks price beat).

  • Got mine today and these crap simply don't work, I've tried the suggested uninstall, reinstall, clear data from the suggestion above too.

    Can't switch the lights on/off, dim them nor rename rhem.
    The only thing that works is when I tap 'check bulb' and it'll flash 3 times.
    There are no firmware software updates too.

    Bulbs are 7E.
    Wemo Bridge is ww_2.00.6134

    Think I gotta return these tomorrow…
    Was looking forward to using these too while I waited for the lifx but arghhhhhhhh spent an hr on this with no progress.

    • For those having similar troubles…
      1st bulb was broken can't connect even with manual reset on the light bulb by flipping the switch 3 times.
      Start with the bulb ON
      Turn OFF the bulb for 1 second
      Turn ON the bulb for 3-4 seconds
      Turn OFF the bulb for 1 second
      Turn ON the bulb for 3-4 seconds
      Turn OFF the bulb for 1 second
      Turn ON the bulb
      Wait until the bulb begins to blink (after about 5 seconds)
      Do the above while you're adding a device from the app, it should pick up the lights right away otherwise it's faulty/broken and don't waste time on it like I did.

      2nd bulb works flawlessly on the galaxy note 4 marshmallow but doesn't work properly on my lg v20 nougat, I'm not sure if it's an issue with nougat or if it's me using a Korean firmware. It will have a interval disconnects every 2 seconds which prevents me from changing the name or even doing anything with the bulb, the only thing it can do is add more devices.

      Still gotta return it tomorrow for the 1 faulty bulb anyway, but I spent too much time on this crap.

      It's kinda cool if it works but it doesn't work with my phone.