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Free - EaseUS Partition Master Professional V10.8 (Save $39.95) (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or LinkedIn Required)


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EaseUS Partition Master Professional 10.8 main Features:

  • Resize/Move partitions.
  • Merge Partitions.
  • Delete all partitions.
  • Format partitions.
  • Migrate OS to SSD/HDD.
  • Convert FAT to NTFS.
  • Convert dynamic disk to basic disk.
  • Convert logical partition to primary.
  • Convert MBR disk to GPT disk.
  • Support Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, Windows Server 2012/2008/2003

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  • Limitations of the giveaway version

    No free technical support
    No free upgrade
    Can’t be Resetted
    Limit of Activation Time

    "Limit of Activation Time"??
    So it's a trial?

  • @OP: will the key be reusable for activation if you reformat your PC?

  • Can’t be Resetted

    What's that? Is that saying this software can't be reinstalled if you rebuild your operating system?

  • +19 votes

    Convert FAT to NTFS

    New Year"a resolution sorted !!!

  • I'm looking to move everything from my main drive (an old 120GB SSD) including windows, drivers, installed programs, etc to a 750GB SSD (which will be my new main drive) without having to reinstall everything again. Will this program allow me to do that?

  • Action not required, just wait 60 seconds.
    Same serial key for all users too: G8TNY-71EKI-KNIFR-Z3RQ5-5Q7DG

    • Action not required, just wait 60 seconds.
      Same serial key for all users too: G8TNY-71EKI-KNIFR-Z3RQ5-xxxxx

      And by posting this they won't offer this in the future. They are doing this for the advertising not the goodness of their heart.

      • They want people to become reliant on the software and then need to buy it when they need it the most, which is when upgrading to an entirely new system.

        • But there are heaps on the market(internet) and you can easily found the open sauce one with nearly the same functionality. Even if you check your own HD or SSD manufacturer you can always get some free tools for similar purpose.

        • Exactly, which is why they need to give it away just to get people to even try it out.

    • confirmed.
      I got the same key

  • How does this perform compared to what Hillary uses?

  • ignore..found activation link on the top right side of the window.

  • Any storage specialists here who could advise a program which would help resize an exFAT partition without backing up the existing data? Partitioned two of my drives as exFAT for use in Mac and Windows, but stuck with this issue now.


      Linux on a bootable usb and install g parted and you are set to do everything.

      Make sure your usb boots first.

    • There's plenty of options for this with the five finger discount code.

  • Is it portable? Can I install on USB and use it everywhere?

    • I believe it registers in the registry so I cannot be used as a portable software. However if you knew how to extract the registry information and re-insert it…

  • No idea if/when I'll use this, but thanks anyway!

  • I see the key right away with my script blocker. But the software doesnt appear the accept the code. And liking them in facebook shows the same key.

    Edit: Got it working seems i could only activate the version with the file size 28.3mb

  • Great, a tool to do things Windows already does!

  • Cannot be activated :( Doesn't like Windows Home Server :P

  • handy tool, got it - thanks (I just hope I won't have to reformat my Windows 10 laptop anytime soon).

  • It has been free several times during the last year.

  • Considering how often I upgrade/reformat hard drives this isn't much use if it doesn't activate in the future. Is it really free because these kinds of deals are starting to feel like trials to me? Sure LONG trials for a lot of people but nothing is actually given away for free on these deals as you cannot use this software in the future if you need to reactivate.


    Theses "deals" come up so often I guess I could just wait for the next "deal".

    Ignore me just talking to myself.

    • They're competing with software like Macrium Reflect Free, which is always free, so I don't see why they wouldn't do freebies like this as a promotion. Sure, this is the pro version, but not sure how many people will use the pro features who wouldn't have already bought some kind of software anyway.

  • Can I create a bootable usb drive so that I can use it later?

  • If you miss out on this, you should remember that Macrium Reflect Free is also free for non-commercial use (always free). Feature comparison here:


    • Humm haven't tried that one..will try it one day…..good find…if it lets user to change partition size while cloning then it is a winner…..

  • When I try to download the file……Mcafee say it's dangerous. It might be viruses, spyware, or other potentuially unwanted program in the file you are trying to download…..and showing it's in high risk.


    Is it truly at risk??

  • Expired? The key doesn't work anymore :-(

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