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25x $0 Udemy Courses (Links Inside)

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    Thanks TA

  • A few nice ones, thanks!

  • Thanks TA !!

  • Ta TA

  • ty

  • Thanks TA

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      Say thanks by Upvoting the post!

  • Ta TA!

  • Enrolled in some, thank you :)

  • Thanks TA!

  • Sexy!

  • thanks op

  • I'm considering actually doing one of these courses! :-)

  • Hoard!!!

    Thanks TA. Really appreciate your tightness.

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    Ta. Just did the voice training course. Wasn't really about voice training but more about engaging and inspiring your listeners. Mostly common sense advice rather than usable techniques.

    • "Anger Management (no longer free)" ARGH!!!

  • Professional Retouching Course in Photoshop isn't free anymore. Thanks for all the other courses though.

  • Free courses #138 to #163 added. Thanks!

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    real estate investing course isn't free anymore (couldn't enroll without paying)

  • Thanks, TA!

  • Thanks TA!

    Stress management course is back to $15.

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      Arghhh, both stress management and anger management are both no longer free?!!

      … breathe in … 1 2 … breathe out … 1 2 … breathe in …

  • Saw an AD on facebook regarding ethical hacking for $15 New years special.. considered buying it but of course ozbargain never disappoints. upvoted TA

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    Pretty angry the anger management course is no longer free.

  • Does anybody know the difference between Premiere Pro CC1 and CC2?

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