What is the fastest way to earn Starwood points?

Hi all,

I need to earn 40,000 starwood points in a short amount of time (2 months max).

Does anyone have tips on the fastest way to do this? I have a platinum edge amex card and a business platinum amex card (but both with approx 0 points balances right now). I also have Virgin Velocity (about 8k points), Asia Miles (about 25k in points).

Any ideas?


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    stay at some hotels

    • Thanks. I will see if there are any bonus point deals on.

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    Get the explorer card

  • Seduce the Starwood CEO.

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    Sorry I didn't realise links were taboo.

    So your best SPG earners in Australia are:

    Amex Platinum Edge = 1.5 SPG Points per dollar at Supermarkets
    Amex Platinum Edge = 1 SPG per dollar at Service Stations
    Amex Business Accelerator = 1 SPG per dollar on everyday spend
    Amex Explorer = 1 SPG per dollar on everyday spend (including bills)

    You might want to consider signing yourself or your partner up (if you have one) for the Amex Explorer (keep in mind you can only hold two Amex Credit Cards). Using one of the links in the links page <Mod: solicitation removed> will net you 110,000 MR Gateway points (55,000 SPG Points) plus a $400 travel credit for only $395 annual fee.

    Hope this helps.

    • Thank you so much. This is super helpful!! Yes, might be worthwhile signing up for the Explorer. Will use your referral link if i do! Cheers mate!

      • That would be awesome if you chose to go ahead. Thanks!

        • May I ask if I ask you what you need the points for? Reason I'm asking is since I'm about to book an SPG hotel and considered using membership rewards point but I don't think it's worthwhile at the 2:1 rate.

        • @bozbargain:

          Yes that true. However when convert it to Marriot Rewards points the value becomes 3:1 and at 90,000 starpoints it's equivalent to a 7-nights hotel package at a 1-5 category Marriot hotel and 132k United points.

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