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Turtle Beach Impact 700 Full-Sized Mechanical Keyboard (Cherry MX Brown) - $99.95 Pickup/ + Delivery @ TheGamesmen


Delivery to Metro Sydney:
$9.65 Standard
$10.32 Express

For those with the $20 eBay code, you can also get it from their eBay store for $103.95 delivered.

Amazon selling for $160USD + Shipping. Amazon Reviews - 4 stars from 41 people


Spread Your Fingers - No fumbling with shrunken keys on compact keyboards, enjoy a full-sized 104-key keyboard with laser-engraved letters
Cherry MX Brown - Cherry MX Brown key switches provide a smooth responsive, tactile feel to handle quick and repeated taps
The Center of It All - With two USB ports that allow audio pass-through, and pink and green audio and mic jacks, you can "plug" all your gaming peripherals into the keyboard "and play"
Make Every Keystroke Count - Six-key rollover with full anti-ghosting means fast-moving fingers can control games without the fear of missed moves and dropped instructions
Built to Last - A steel reinforced chassis with gunmetal keycap plate provides stability, durability and a distinctive backlight shine

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  • Should I grab this or the corsair k70 (or wait for it to go on sale). This price is quite tempting

  • I for one am glad that I can push every single key at once. I am always doing this in games!

  • Thks got one …… I'm using an old mechanical keyboard, not over 15 years old, so with this Turtle beach one hopefully he can see why I still use my keyworn, dusty mechanical keyboard.

  • Damnit, I was pretty much set on splurging and getting the K70 LUX RGB… But this price is very decent for a mechanical keyboard with the same switches as the K70 (At least the K70 I was looking at getting). Just gotta figure out if the RGB and macro is worth the extra $80-90 now…

  • Bought myself one as well. My first ever mechanical keyboard! Can't wait for it to arrive. Thanks OP.

  • I know this is a gaming keyboard but what are they like when it comes to plain old typing?

    I've always wondered if these keyboards are good for writing essays, general office documents etc.

    Any thoughts would be good. Thanks.

    • Basically the brown switches are good for all-round general use and are probably the most popular. The reds are highly regarded for gaming, and the blues are popular with typists. You'll have to google more about different switches to get a better insight as I only know the general gist of things :P

      • Thanks for your thoughts.

        • No problem. I must add though, even though the blues are most popular with typists (because of tactile feedback), they are incredibly loud and people around you might be annoyed by it. As a result, most find that brown switches are more favourable in an office environment for example.

        • @spaghettiman:

          I've been told about the noise factor with some mechanical keyboards.

          I've got a chiclet style keyboard and it's virtually silent. I think I'm the one who would have to adjust with all the click clacking.


    • +1 vote

      There's a small adjustment period when it comes to Cherry switch keyboards — a few days or so — but after that you'll never go back to membrane keyboards.

      Like spaghettiman says, reds are low-resistance and perfect for gaming since they're incredibly easy to activate, blues have a tactile click that signify the activation of a key, and browns offer just a little more resistance than the reds with a more solid overall feel. They're the Swiss Army Knife of switches and definitely the most popular.

      So long as the noise isn't an issue, they're a pretty effortless recommendation.

  • The keyboard arrived today. A day earlier that e xpected.

    But I'm disappointed!!

    The keyboard is defective (of DOA but not totally DOA). The space bar and the numlock keys don't work. Same behaviour on my desktop and the laptop. Got to give gamesmen a call tomorrow. So sad!

    • Damn that's no good.

      • Yeah, it sucks. Actually, there were more keys that were not functioning correctly compared to my initial assessment.

        I recorded a video of it here.

        • Hi nushydude, sorry to see that things aren't working as intended. Cherry switches have an extremely low rate of failure, so that's just bad luck. Try not to buy a lottery ticket any time soon!

          We can definitely arrange for this to be replaced through our supplier. As you said, if you give us a call during business hours we can definitely walk you through the process.

          At the very least, we're glad we could get it sent to you as quickly as we did!


        • @TheGamesmen:

          It don't think it is the switches. Some electrical line must be faulty inside the keyboard because the keys that do not work include the ones directly below the numlock key as well. I doubt each key has its own dedicated connection to the controller inside.

          I actually called a while back and I was told that because I made the purchase through eBay, I have to go through eBay for the RMA. I would love to get it replaced, rather than refunded, but if takes too long to get one down from the supplier, I would prefer a refund.

          Your eBay manager had responded to my message yesterday, and I am expecting him to contact me again today. Sad that he is kind of in vacation at the moment, so might take a bit longer than I wished to sort things out.

          Anyways, it is not your fault or anything, and anyone can be in my bad-luck position. Let's see how smooth your RMA process is. That is how you guys get reviewed. This actually might be a good thing for you guys after all, because if the RMA goes smoothly, you guys get the praise. haha

        • @nushydude: Right! Although each key has an individual switch, the way they're soldered onto the PCB is such that it would probably impact the keys in the pattern you've described. Makes sense.

          I'll shoot you a PM now with the details on how to go about the process, so hang tight.

        • @TheGamesmen:

          Will eagerly await your PM. Thank you.