Where to buy Harvey Norman Gift Cards?

Had a bit of a search online and here but wasn't able to find any info.

Does anywhere do discounted gift cards for Harvey Norman? Looking for something similar to Wish gift cards for 5% off etc.

I thought cashrewards did gift cards, but wasn't able to find much on it.

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    At Harvey Norman :)

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      They sell discounted Harvey Norman gift cards at Harvey Norman?

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        tbh, why would you buy havery norman gift cards? you would probably get a better deal thru negotiations. i usually get them thru altitude rewards, but they don't offer any discounting.

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          Because a family member is looking at buying an oven there that is currently on sale at Harvey Norman and this appears to be the best price compared with its competitors at this moment in time.

          If I could purchase gift cards for 5% off, that would be a further 5% reduction on the price.



    I am also in a similar situation, any suggestions on where to get discounted Harvey Norman gift cards like cashrewards or any other similar site.? I have purchased bunch of stuff from them which is on back order. I need $3000 worth of cards to pay for the stuff upon delivery in next couple weeks. thanks.


      No one ever answered my question and I didn't find anywhere, so can't help sorry :(


    I know this post is 4 months old but in case anyone else is seeing it … I'm looking at purchasing a few things (literally a whole kitchen) through Harvey Normans and managed to negotiate a good price. However, in view of getting additional savings through discounted gift card is always good, so do let me know if you know where one can purchase discounted HN gift cards.

    On another note, if anyone else is planning to shop at Harvey Normans - would you like to consider negotiating together and see if we get better discounts for combined purchases? I'm based in South East and was planning to purchase things from Harvey Normans Moorabbin.



    Although I can't find any discounted Harvey Norman gift card, you could perhaps earn some rewards points (to redeem into cash) for your online shopping on Harvey Norman's website. This is ideal for items that they wouldn't give you discount when you buy them in store.

    You will need to sign up to RewardsCentral and access the Harvey Norman website via the 'Start Earning - Shop Now' button.

    Harvey Norman will give you an Order Confirmation Number and by submitting this number, the Purchase Date and Purchase Amount into the Claim Rewards form, you will then receive the points once your claim is processed and approved (may take weeks).

    Web links as listed below.

    Harvey Norman:

    Claim Rewards:


    Picking up an old thread.

    Anybody found somewhere to get discounted Harvey Norman gift cards?



      5% off through the Suncorp rewards app.


        It seems to have disappeared from the app on my end. Is it the same on your app?


          same here.


          It has too. Damn you Gerry!


      Yes Macquarie Bank Marketplace - 5% off


    you can get 5% off gift cards at AGL rewards

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    Don't buy anything from that prick

    Calls Australians lazy yet wants the government to hand out money like Rudd did so they can spend it in his stores


    Commenting on an older thread in case this helps anyone - here is a link to the wiki for discounted e-gift cards: