expired Vaja Leather Phone/iPad/MacBook Cases - 20% Site-Wide - Phone Cases Approx. US$34- $260 + Shipping (Varies)


Long time lurker, first time poster. Please do correct me if I've forgotten anything.

I received an email from Vaja Cases today advising a 20% off discount site-wide. They're a Brazilian manufacturer that does very high-quality leather cases for phones (several models), iPads, Macbooks, and a range of leather accessories such as wallets, small handbags, keyrings, etc. Prices on their phone cases start around US$34 and go as high as US$260, 12" iPads are $129-$240, and Macbooks are $440. Check the site for prices on other items.

Discount only applies to purchase price, but I did test it on items already at sale prices and it still applied. Shipping varies depending on how big and how many items you order, a test order for an iPhone 7 Plus case was US$23. Code will be good to 12 January, but since Brazil is several time zones away I expect it will work through 'til the 13th for us.

Maybe not 'bargain' prices, but you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who makes leather cases of this quality anywhere else.

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    They're decent but ridiculously expensive for phone cases…


    Have you got one yourself OP? I am after a leather case. Fossil has similar for about $50-70. Wonder how the quality compares.


      No, I don't have one myself so I can't say how the quality compares. The Fossil cases are probably just as nice, but I don't think they'd have the same range of options to choose from.


    Vaja is more a fashion statement and more for people who value genuine leather.
    Got one for my IPad 3 ages ago. The ipad is now long gone but the case is still like new.
    Now I just stick with Logitech cases :)

    $35 for iPhone 7 plus case, I might get this compared to Apple case.

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